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Rover P5 (1967 – 1973)

Rover P5 - vital statistic main image, Heritage Classic Car Insurance

Rover P5 (1967 – 1973)

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Bastion of Britishness

Rover P5 image for vital statistics. Classic cars

Rover P5, Copyright of pyntofmyld, Flickr

Introduced in 1958 and launched at the Earls Court Motor Show of the same year the Rover P5 quickly established itself as Rovers new flagship model above the now ageing P4 model. The P5 was designed and built as a definite competitor for both Jaguar and Mercedes with their big luxury saloons. And this it did well with its smooth 2995, six cylinder engine and commanding appearance not to mention the opulent interior second to non excluding the Bentley of the time.

In 1962 came the Mark II with an up-rated  3.0 litre block developing 129bhp and a sleeker look calling it a coupe although it was still a 4 door but with a lower roofline by 2.5 inches giving it better proportions than before. More developments in 1965 increasing power to 134bhp in the guise of the Mark III and then saving the best to last in 1967 came the Rover P5B with the all new Buick 3.5 V8 engine.

Specification Rover P5 (1967 – 1973)

Years Produced1967 - 1973
Performance0 - 60mph 12.4sec / Top Speed - 108mph
Power & Torque 161bhp / 201Ib ft
Engine3528cc V8 / 16 valves
Drive-train Front engine RWD
TransmissionThree speed automatic

Valuations since launch for the Rover P5 (1967 – 1973)


A Buyers Guide – Rover P5 (1967 – 1973)

Rover P5 image - vital statistics on classic cars

Rover P5, Copyright of pyntofmyld, Flickr

Travelling in comfort and style is what the Rover P5B is all about so it makes good sense to make sure you get a good one with everything present and correct. Here are some buying tips to help you buy the car of your dreams not the car of your nightmares.

Starting with body work and chassis, pay attention to door pillars, front and rear inner wings and the boot floor as well as arches and door bottoms. Also check panel gaps are even and doors don’t sag when open. The V8 engine is durable and capable of 150000 miles plus providing it’s had regular oil changes and anti freeze. Overheating can lead to head gasket failure so keep it topped up. Radiators will leak over time so if it’s had a replacement it’s a good sign.

The automatic gearbox whether it’s the earlier Borg Warner DG or later BW 35 are reliable providing they haven’t received any abuse, a burning smell suggests problems. Check for corroded break pipes and seized hand brake mechanisms as well as worn shock absorbers and sagging rear leaf springs. Also look out for power steering leaks from worn seals or the steering box.

Brakes if kept well maintained are reliable but check the bulk head as there is a ledge that supports the brake servo and debris can accumulate here which will cause the metal to rot through.

Interiors are of fine quality but make sure you look out for any water damage as replacements are expensive. Wheels are Rostyle so make sure they are still on the car. If there not in great condition a refurb is worthwhile.

Insurance quotes for a Rover P5B (1967 – 1973)

Big car, but small premiums. However as an executive classic prices are very competitive indeed. At Heritage Insurance with 50 years experience behind us, we offer a tailor made package for one or more cars. We include both our in-house agreed value service and salvage retention should the worst happen at no extra cost, and with limited mileage and club members discounts our annual fully Comprehensive policy proves excellent value for money. Here are some typical examples of how little your insurance could be.

  • This quotation has been based on fully comprehensive cover, insured only to drive age 60.

Annual premium – £85.23 with a £100 accidental damage excess.

  • This quotation has been based on fully comprehensive cover, insured only to drive age 45.

Annual premium – £89.61 with a £100 accidental damage excess.

  • This quotation has been based on fully comprehensive cover, insured only to drive age 30.

Annual premium – £108.18 with a £100 accidental damage excess.

*NB: All insurance quotes are based on the same criteria: The vehicle being garaged overnight. Accident, claim and conviction free and a limited mileage of 3000 per annum with full use of a main car daily. All quotations are based on an Agreed Value of £15,000. Prices may alter depending on individual criteria.

Interesting fact

The final letter in the “P5B” model name came from Buick, the engine’s originator. Rover did not have the budget or time to develop such engines, hence they chose to redevelop the lightweight aluminium concept Buick could not make successful

Mark Wilkinson (Managing Partner of Heritage Classic Car Insurance)

“The Rover P5 is truly a bastion of Britishness. Coveted by 70’s Government ministers, the Queen herself as well as sheepskin clad gangsters from back in the day. These sturdy automobiles of yesteryear were made with the best of British build quality which will never be repeated.”

insuring a Rover P5 (1967 – 1973)