Classic Ferrari insurance
A classic Ferrari.


Our in-house underwriting team will review the exact requirements for your Ferrari and liaise with our panel of specialist insurers to find the most suitable classic Ferrari cover for your needs.  

If you have more than one vehicle, we can also cover your Ferrari as part of a multi car policy, which allows you to place your car collection on a single policy, for simplicity and savings of up to 25%.  

This collection can extend to include modern, daily drives as well as classic Ferraris, so you can enjoy easy and cost-effective cover for all your cars in one policy. 


Classic Ferrari insurance from Heritage can include: 

  • Free agreed valuation for classic models: protect the value of your classic Ferrari so that if you have to make a total loss claim, you know exactly what you’ll be paid.
  • Club discounts of up to 15% for Ferrari club members and other classic vehicle clubs
  • 90 days’ cover for driving in Europe: this can be extended to 180 days with most of our insurers.
  • A Global Telemetrics GPS tracker: know where your classic Ferrari is at any time with Global Telemetrics’ Thatcham-approved GPS trackers, with generous discounts for Heritage customers
  • Salvage retention as standard: so you can rebuild your classic Ferrari if you have a write-off
  • Cover for a wide range of modifications, so you can customise your classic Ferrari
  • You can also select additional cover options, such as glass cover, replacement locks cover, and audio and sat nav equipment cover. Get in touch today


For more information on our classic Ferrari insurance, request a call back below and our team will get in touch.


If you have a variety of cars for different uses, such as your everyday run around or your weekend classic, it’s a hassle when you have to place all of your vehicles with different insurers, because there isn’t one criteria that fits them all.

With Heritage Classic Car Insurance, that’s no longer a problem with our specialist and flexible multi car policy. Get the best possible cover for a collection of classic cars, or simply your day-to-day car alongside your Ferrari insurance – you’ll still get all the same great protection your classic requires, but you can rest easy with a single renewal date and premium for them all.

For more information on our multi car policy see below or call our expert team on 0121 248 9229.


Founded in 1939, Ferrari’s roots are in motorsport where it produced a number of vehicles which put them on the map and showcased to the world the manufacturer’s motoring prowess.

It was at the point where founder Enzo Ferrari decided to implement the same technology and innovation used in racing to road cars. This move saw Ferrari evolve into the company we know and appreciate today. Their philosophy produced many classic Ferrari designs over the years, from the highly valuable 250 GTO, to the much-loved Ferrari Dino, and the ’80s-defining Testarossa.

To find out more about the price of insuring classic Ferrari models such as the 250 GTO, call our team today on 0121 248 9229. We’ll be in touch with a quote for your classic Ferrari model that’s tailored to best meet your needs.


How much does it cost to insure a classic Ferrari?

Ferraris are high performance cars and as such can be expensive to insure. As a specialist vehicle insurance broker, we look for policies that are designed for the way you use your classic Ferrari, with all the benefits of lower mileage, secure storage and proper care.

The cost of your classic Ferrari insurance will depend on your specific model, mileage, driving history and age, but by considering all these factors, we can find the best option for you and your classic Ferrari. 


Can I insure my classic Ferrari before I buy it?

You can insure a car before you buy it, but you ideally should have at least committed in writing to make the purchase, or paid a deposit. You can set insurance to start from the date you collect or take delivery of the vehicle.


Can I make savings by insuring multiple Ferraris?

This depends on how many vehicles you want to cover and how many drivers you need included. Our flexible multi car policy is ideal for vehicle collections or for when you want to add your daily driver onto the same policy as a classic, for simplicity. You can save up to 25% against insuring your vehicles separately, depending on the ratio of vehicles on cover to drivers.


What ages can you cover on a specialist Ferrari insurance policy?

Our classic Ferrari insurance is available for drivers aged 30 and upwards. The current maximum age for specialist car motor cover is 79. To read more on insurance for older drivers, please click here.


I store my classic Ferrari at a professional facility; does this affect my insurance?

It’s important to notify your insurer of the storage address, and if you plan to change it at any point.


What mileage can be covered on a classic Ferrari insurance policy?

There are various mileage limit options available, usually up to 5,000 miles but with some insurers up to 7,500 miles per annum. If you set a lower limit and want to extend it mid-term, this can be arranged; just give us a call (before you reach your mileage limit as this may affect your policy).


Can I get agreed value from the start of my classic Ferrari policy?

Absolutely we can do this for a classic Ferrari. For vehicles worth over £30,000 we will require photographs prior to agreeing the valuation; if you are able to provide these in advance of your policy start date then it is usually possible to have your value set at the outset of cover.


Am I covered if I use my classic Ferrari as a wedding transport for a friend?

If you want to use your car as wedding transport for a friend and don’t intend to charge them, you would be covered and there is no extra charge on your insurance. ‘Hire and reward’ arrangements, such as wedding car hire, require a different kind of insurance cover.



Personal accident

Our personal accident cover provides up to £50,000 for you and your spouse, common law or civil partner. Cover applies if either of you are driving your insured vehicle, or if you are a passenger in someone else’s vehicle.

Road Rescue cover

If you break down, or your vehicle can’t be driven, our road rescue breakdown cover will have you covered. Get UK roadside repair, national recovery, alternative transport and overnight accommodation. This additional cover option also includes key assist in case of lost keys or lock failure.

Motor legal cover

Get cover for legal costs you might have due to injury compensation claims, uninsured loss recovery or claiming against an uninsured driver. Our motor legal policy provides cover up to £100,000.


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