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Classic 4x4s, the old breeds

Classic 4x4s, the old breeds which ignited the most adventurous expeditions across the waters, whilst acting as the work horses needed on the farms. Let’s not forget the efforts which some of the world renowned manufacturers such as Land Rover and Jeep, went through to support the soldiers at war.

The history behind 4x4s is one to be admired. The British Land Rover and how it transformed the working industry efforts. It’s associations with the working class and why the Range Rover came to be a success. With so much history to enjoy you’ll want the right insurance cover for your classic 4×4.

Classic 4×4 insurance explained

If you don’t take your vehicle off-roading and it’s over 25 years old then our Classic 4×4 Insurance scheme is ideal for you. We can offer you agreed valuation – we even send you an authentic agreed value certification. We also offer you salvage retention at no extra cost in case of an accident. If you’re a member of a club we offer up to 15% club discount too.

Classic 4×4 Insurance Eligibility?

  • Is your 4×4 25 years of age and over?
  • Do you drive 5,000 miles or less in it annually?
  • Do you keep it safe away from the daring off-road sections?
  • Are you (the owner) aged 25 and over?

If so then call us for more details on 0121 248 9229

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Policy Options and Benefits

Automatic cover for greenlaning.

Discounts of up to 15% for 4×4 club members. The true enthusiast knows the importance of joining a offroad of 4×4 club. We reward your loyalty with a discount of up to 15%.

Automatic cover for offroading (at a club organised event)

Free Agreed valuation and certificate – We arrange a specialist insurance scheme which offers you a free agreed value alongside your policy. Should the worst happen and you find yourself with a total loss claim, we will pay you the agreed amount of the vehicle less the policy excess.

Up to 90 days’ cover for use in the EU – Travel abroad with no worries. Our modified 4×4 policy includes full comprehensive cover for use in Europe.

Full windscreen replacement service.

Whether performance enhancing or adding safety features to your vehicle, we understand that adding a modification doesn’t make you a boy racer. Call us on 0121 248 9229 to discuss your modified 4×4 modifications.

The option to retain salvage, should the worst happen. In the case of a total loss claim, you have the option to buy back your vehicle at the agreed value rate.

For just £30 extra we can cover camping accessories. We know that many of you enjoy camping at shows and going on adventures. Cover all your camping gear with our new add-on. Option for an uninsured loss recovery service (Legal Protection). Option for European and UK breakdown cover.

With some of our schemes you can accrue NCB so you don’t have to worry about losing your hard earned years.

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