Kit car insurance from Heritage takes into account the unique nature of your kit car, and recognises the investment made into it.

Whether you’ve built yourself a Caterham classic, a Ferrari replica, a cobra kit car, robin hood kit car or an Abarth 500, our comprehensive and parts only cover options can be tailored to your needs with free agreed value, spare parts cover included, and options for salvage retention.

You can also take advantage of limited mileage discounts, and a 15% discount if you’re a kit car club member.


  • Free agreed value: protect the value of your kit car for free with our agreed valuation which can be set up easily
  • 90 days European driving cover: this can be extended up to 180 days if needed
  • Spare parts cover included
  • Club membership discounts: get 15% off, just tell us your membership number when you request a quote
  • Salvage retention available
  • Limited mileage discounts: save money when you drive fewer miles
  • Cover for shows, rallies and events: marshalled and non-racing events covered


You can opt for parts only cover which, as the name suggests, means any claim on your insurance would be for the parts needed to repair your vehicle should you have an accident or have parts stolen. Parts only cover is less expensive than comprehensive cover, but it does mean that your insurer will only provide the parts required for repair on a claim; it will not cover the cost of labour. This could be the right cover for you if you like to do all the build and repair work yourself, but if not, you may be happier with comprehensive cover.


Chances are you’re not driving your kit car daily – and if you have another car, or several, did you know you could put them all on the same policy and have a simple, single premium for all your vehicles?

Heritage multi car insurance is flexible to allow kit cars, modern daily drives, classic or vintage cars, motorbikes and even campervans or motorhomes on the same policy. You can set up multi car cover with one vehicle, and then add each of your other vehicles as they come up to renewal.


Request a no-obligation kit car insurance quote below and one of our friendly team will give you a call back.


Need breakdown cover to protect your kit car? Heritage Road Rescue can cover your kit car for:

  • UK roadside repair and national recover
  • Alternative transport and overnight accommodation if needed
  • Driver illness or injury cover if no-one else is able to drive the vehicle for you
  • EU breakdown and repatriation
  • Key assist in the event of lost keys or lock failure
  • Message assist to let loved ones know you are safe


Is kit car insurance cheap?

Because kit car insurance tends to work on the same basis as specialist and classic car insurance, it can be cheaper than regular car insurance. This is because specialist vehicle policies have mileage limitations, and because those cars are being driven less frequently, the risk of an accident is considered lower by insurers. Of course, your kit car insurance also needs to take into account the value of your vehicle, where you store it, and who will be driving it, all of which can affect premium.

My kit car isn't finished yet; can I insure it while I'm building it?

Yes, you can insure your kit car before it’s road-ready. It stands to reason you’d want your car protected while it’s in the build process – so if your kit car is part-complete in your garage, or off-site, you can still cover it.

Is agreed value available on my kit car?

We can do free agreed value for you on a kit car: we’ll ask you some questions to help determine its value, and agree this with you before it’s written into your policy. That way, if your kit car does unfortunately meet with an accident, you know what the insurer will pay out.

Can I get parts only cover?

Yes, parts only cover is available. This will only cover the cost of replacement parts in the event of a claim, and not labour or any other associated costs, so it’s important to be sure this is the right level of cover for you before taking it out.
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