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Multi Car Insurance

Low Cost Multi-car Insurance

At Heritage Insurance Brokers we have been insuring classic cars since 1965 and in that time if there is anything we have learned it is this: people who buy classic cars love to drive classic cars. While driving your classic car is a great pleasure, it’s just not practical to drive valuable classic cars every day, for example, when commuting to work. So many people like yourself will use another modern car and this makes you an ideal Multi-Car insurance customer.  

Our experience with organising multi-car insurance policies ensure we’ll always be able to get you the perfect insurance policy for your classic car. Our multi-car policy is designed to be a product flexible enough to bring together all of your cars (or vehicles) under one policy with a truly competitive discount rate. Get a quote on Multi-car insurance today, speak to us now on 0121 248 9229 or alternatively, fill out the contact form below.



How Multi-car Insurance Works:

Optional Insurance Policy Benefits

Road Rescue Multi Car

Another truly amazing benefit of Multi Car comes when you add our Road Rescue Multi Car breakdown policy. You get the same benefits of Road Rescue Classic Car (which covers just one classic car) with the added bonus, ALL your cars are covered in the event of a breakdown, whether it be your prized classic or your modern every day car. Ask our Multi Car team for more details.

MAPS Legal Cover

Should the unthinkable happen and you are involved in an accident in any of your vehicles, our MAPS Legal Motor Cover will help ensure you are not left out of pocket. Not only that, in conjunction with Classic Friendly, you get to choose the repairer for your cherished classic to give you peace of mind that your car will be restored (if possible) to its full glory.

Heritage KeyCare

It might go without saying how much inconvenience is caused by a lost or stolen key to your valuable classic. With KeyCare we will get you back on the road with the minimum of fuss. Ask out Multi Car team for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum and maximum age for Multi Car insurance?

While age limits depend on the vehicles and the nature of the risk as a useful guide, the minimum age for any Heritage insurance is 25 and the maximum 80. In addition we are able to cover drivers 21-24 as named drivers.

How Many Cars Can I Cover With A Multi Car Policy?

You can cover as many vehicles as you like under one single Multi Car policy as long as they are registered to a person at the same address i.e. your spouse, common law partner, parents etc.

I Don’t Have A Classic Car, Can I Still Buy A Multi Car Policy?

Our Multi Car insurance requires that at least one of your vehicles is either a classic/specialist or used in the same way as a classic i.e. restricted usage (limited mileage etc.). So say, you enjoy a weekend drive in your Audi TT or Triumph TR6, we can cover your cars.

Does Multi Car Only Cover Cars?

No. Although we call it Multi Car, there is a huge range of vehicles we can cover. As a general rule, if we can insure it with a Single Vehicle policy, we can insure it with our Multi Car policy.

How Do You Work Out A Multi Car Premium?

A Multi Car premium is made up of a full year premium for your first vehicle with each additional vehicle added pro-rata based on the time remaining to the anniversary of the first vehicle (renewal) with a discount applied to each vehicle to get to the total premium. The premium quoted at the beginning is fixed through to your first renewal (unless you add more cars).

What Do I Have To Do When My Other Car’s Insurance Is Due?

If you give us your renewal dates, we will contact you as they approach to confirm your premium and take payment. Don’t worry if you can’t remember, just contact our Multi Car team when your renewal date approaches and they will do the rest.

What Discount Do You Get With Multi Car?

This very much depends on how many vehicles you want to cover and how many drivers you need included. The best way to find out how much you could be saving is to call our Multi Car team and they will take you through the process.

When Do I Pay For My Multi Car Policy?

Your first payment will consist of the premium to cover the first of your vehicles. At the renewal date, our Multi Car team to take payment for the additional premium of your second vehicle, then again at the renewal point for your third vehicle and so on.

When Will My Renewal Be Due?

Your Multi Car policy (all cars covered) will be due for renewal on the anniversary of your first vehicle.

Can I Use My NCD On A Multi Car Policy?

You can apply any NCD you have accumulated to your Multi Car policy and continue to build your NCD, but only on the non-classic vehicles. In addition, should you have an accident in your classic or specialist vehicle your non-classic vehicles NCD will not be affected; in effect only the car/driver involved in the accident will be affected.

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Free Agreed valuation – We arrange a specialist insurance scheme which offers you a free agreed value alongside your policy. Furthermore, should the worst happen and you find yourself with a total loss claim, we will pay you the agreed amount of the vehicle less the policy excess.

Discounts of up to 15% for classic car club members. The true enthusiast knows the importance of joining a classic car club. We reward your loyalty with a discount of up to 15%.

The option to retain salvage, should the worst happen. Also, in the case of a total loss claim, you have the option to buy back your vehicle at the agreed value rate.

Whether performance enhancing or adding safety features to your vehicle, we understand that adding a modification doesn’t make you a boy racer. Call us on 0121 248 9229 to discuss your classic car modifications.

Up to 90 days’ cover for use in the EU – Travel abroad with no worries. Our classic car policy includes full comprehensive cover for use in Europe.

Not using your vehicle currently and have declared it off the road?

Our laid up cover offers you peace of mind whilst it’s safely tucked away at home with fire and theft cover at our exclusively low rates.

If you have a 4×4 modified for offroad and greenlaning use but is not your daily drive then we can offer cover you to keep you covered whilst you’re taking on the mud.

Don’t pay for miles that you don’t use. Our classic car policies will discount your premium based on the mileage you need. Therefore, less miles equals more discount.

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