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What sort of Land Rover owner are you?

Do you love nothing more than taking your Defender out across muddy fields? Or do you share your passion for original Land Rovers at shows, and want to preserve its value? Never has there been another off-road vehicle with the character to match a Land Rover. In its many guises this formidable utility vehicle is as the label says, “The best 4×4 by far”. Heritage are able to cover classic, modified and ex-military Land Rovers alike.

Classic Land Rover Insurance

Classic Land Rover insurance policy eligibility

  • Is your Land Rover 20 years of age and over?
  • Do you drive 5,000 miles or less in it annually?
  • Do you keep it safe away from the daring offroad sections?
  • Are you (the owner) aged 25 and over?

Modified Land Rover insurance policy eligibility

  • Is your Land Rover 5 years of age and over?
  • Modified Land Rover InsuranceDo you drive a maximum of 10,000 annual miles? Are these miles accrued mainly from greenlaning or overlanding trips?
  • Do you go offroading to club organised pay and play sites?
  • Are you (the owner) at least 25 years old?* If you are planning a trip and you require more mileage, the option to purchase additional mileage is available

    Ex-military insurance with Heritage

    Source: Wapster from Flickr

Ex-military Land Rover policy eligibility

  • Is your Land Rover 10 years of age and over?
  • Do you drive 5,000 miles or less in it annually?
  • Are you (the owner) aged 25 and over?

Insure your classic Land Rover with us and you could benefit from:

Free agreed valuation and certificate

Under our modified scheme we can cover for almost any modifications including snorkels, winches, rock crawlers, raised suspension, front lights and under vehicle protection. Our classic car scheme is more about keeping the Land Rover as original as possible- call us today on 0121 248 9229 to find out more.

Up to 90 days’ cover for use in the EU

Club discounts of up to 15% for clubs associated with Heritage Land Rover Insurance, including the Land Rover Owners Facebook Group and Just Defenders and Series Facebook Group

The option to retain salvage, should the worst happen

Choice of fully comprehensive, or third party, fire and theft cover

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