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    Customer stories pt. 5: A Landy named Beryl

    Customer Stories

    Name: Enda McKenna

    The classic: Land Rover Series III

    ‘We spent the day in the Land Rover and travelled from Thirsk to Sutton Bank in North Yorkshire, near the White Horse of Kilburn. The view stretched out for miles. I can remember going up that hill with him in the Land Rover, two dogs in the back and almost a mile of traffic behind us because we could only manage 25 mph! It was a beautiful day without any pressure or time limits; our only task was to enjoy ourselves, get some food, go for a walk and drive along slowly in my old Land Rover.’

    Enda standing in front of his beautiful Landy SIII

    Enda had wanted a Land Rover Series III since his 20s, having first used one when doing voluntary work in Nigeria. He finally caved on his 50th birthday and bought himself one as a much-deserved present. ‘I’d been looking around for quite a while,’ he tells us. ‘Eventually I found a dealer called near where I live in North Yorkshire, who had this beautiful SIII in with a galvanised chassis. It was a bit rough, to be honest, but it was very solid. I remember going in to see it, thinking ‘this is nice’, and buying it there and then!’

    It was a ragtop Landy when Enda first purchased it, although he’s since changed the roof to a hardtop with windows, which he finds far more practical. ‘There was a lot of other work done to it since I first had it’ he says. ‘It’s had a new galvanised bulkhead, the electrics have been rewired throughout and the engine has been rebuilt, so it’s in much better nick than it was.’

    Enda has also changed the green colour of his Landy to the beautiful Marine Blue shade: also an original Land Rover colour. ‘When it came to re-spraying it, my wife said there was no point getting it green again,’ he explains. ‘She was certainly right, especially after all the work that had been done to it. The new blue colour suits it far more, especially with the cream top.

    A family car

    With two bench seats in the back, Enda’s SIII is especially popular with his two daughters. ‘The kids love going with friends in the back of it,’ Enda chuckles, ‘so we take them out with the dogs sometimes. Often, we’ll have three dogs and four kids in the back on the bench seats. Even if we only drive for 10 or 15 miles – you wouldn’t want to do much more than that! – it’s always a fun day out for everyone.’

    The Landy is the perfect car when it comes to walking the dogs, too. ‘The extra power certainly helps,’ Enda tells us, ‘and they love jumping in and out of the back of it! I’ve got two working cocker spaniels and a 7-stone Newfoundland/Golden Retriever cross. She’s an enormous dog with a penchant for eating our sofa, so it’s certainly useful having the Landy to take her out of the house!’