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    Partner Spotlight: Specialised Covers

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    Since 1981, Specialised Covers have been creating tailored protective covers for cars, caravans and motorcycles. A family-run firm, they have quality at the heart of all they do – from the selection of advanced fabrics with strong protective qualities, to their UK-based, tailor and seamstress led production process in West Yorkshire.

    Having partnered with Heritage in 2019, Specialised Covers offer a 10% discount to Heritage customers on their full range of indoor and outdoor covers. We explore the range and how Heritage customers can benefit.

    Indoor covers

    Specialised Covers’ indoor car covers are designed to keep your classic car free from dust and safe from damage while it’s being stored in a garage or other storage facility. Their universal car covers come in sets of 5, and are available in black, red and grey. With super stretchy fabric and the option to have a manufacturers marque or customised logo added, these are excellent value.

    For a more custom option, the prestige, prestige + and prestige elite models boast superior fit, soft inner linings for added protection for your car, and a choice of fabric and piping colours. You can even buy a ‘silk reveal’ for a car launch or some car show pizazz!


    Specialised Covers Prestige + indoor cover
    Specialised Covers Prestige + indoor cover

    Outdoor covers

    Naturally, covers for outdoor use need to be made from sterner stuff, not to mention waterproof.

    The entry model from Specialised Covers is the stormshield outdoor, which is waterproof, breathable, and protects from UV rays. The stormshield + gives you a wider range of colour options and 3 layered material with a fleecy lining, while the skyshell cover has a PU coating.

    Covers to protect caravans, motorcycles and more

    In addition to its range of car covers, Specialised Covers produce quality protective covers for caravans, whether full cover or specifically for use while towing, and for motorbikes, with both indoor and outdoor options.

    Specialised Covers motorcycle cover
    Specialised Covers motorcycle cover
    Specialised Covers caravan cover
    Specialised Covers caravan cover

    How to claim your Heritage customer discount

    Enquire via our website, and the Specialised Covers team will contact you about your requirements. Alternatively, contact Specialised Covers direct and quote the code “HERITAGE10%” when you request your quote.