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    Customer stories pt. 3: An Aston Martin for the ages

    Customer Stories

    Name: Nick Stephens

    The classic: Aston Martin AM V8


    ‘There’s just something about classic cars, they remind everyone of the good old days, the cars we grew up with, or the cars that our parents bought. It’s wonderful to strike up a friendship because of that, and it’s something I’ll never get tired of as long as I own my Aston Martin.’


    Nick having won 1st prize in the AMOC concours de elegance at Chatsworth House, 2010

    A long-time classic enthusiast

    Nick Stephens has owned his Aston Martin AM V8 since 2004, having had his eye on one for many years before that. ‘I’ve had classic cars on and off since I was a teenager,’ he tells us. ‘My family and I were moving house a long while ago, and as part of the process I sold my then-classic car, which was a 1971 Mercedes 350SL. The house we were moving to had a garage so small you couldn’t fit an Austin 7 in it!

    ‘My plan was to sell the car, renovate the new house and then buy a new – well, new classic – car. However, the contract for our house fell through an hour before it was due to be signed, which meant we couldn’t move in after all. By this point, I’d already sold the Mercedes.’

    Having been left without a classic car, Nick started to get restless. ‘My wife noticed that I was fidgeting again,’ he laughs, ‘so she told me to get myself another car. I was surfing the internet when I saw the AM V8 for sale on eBay. I decided that I’d go and have a look at it. Although I wasn’t initially planning on buying it, I just fell in love. But there were still a few niggles with it so I said I’d go home and have a think about it, and in fact, I virtually talked myself out of it.’

    Nick’s stunning Aston Martin AM V8