Ford enthusiasts love their cars for a multitude of reasons and rightfully so. Whether it’s the performance, stylish designs or rich motoring history here at Heritage we love and understand Fords too.

Founded in 1903 by Henry Ford the manufacturer earnt its initial acclaim by producing cars such as the Model A and Model T or as it is more affectionally known: “The Tin Lizzie”. Later Ford created the archetypal Muscle Car with the Mustang, one of the most recognisable classics ever made.

If American classics aren’t quite your thing your probably more of a fan of Ford’s contribution to the European car market. These classics scream cool and include motoring icons such as the Capri and Escort.

Whether you’re insuring a vintage American vehicle or the car of your childhood dreams, from Tin Lizzie’s to Sierra Cosworth’s Heritage comprehend the importance of looking after and insuring your classic Fords.


We know how important it is to understand recent market trends and buyer information on classic cars, which is why we have a vital statistics series, which covers the most important aspects, including the specifications and valuations of Cosworths, Fiestas and Capris:

Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 (1987)

Ford Fiesta XR2 (1981–1989)


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