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Classic MG Insurance

The classic MG – A true British icon

Classic MG Insurance

The history of MG began over 90 years ago in 1924, when Cecil Kimber the founder of MG used the initials as a nod to William Morris owner of Morris Garages. He also created the first line of MG’s and the affordable performance car was born. Their appeal prompted more models and MG soon became the countries favourite British sporting marquee.

In 1955 having joined BMC the MGA was launched in roadster and then coupe versions. The MG’s specialty was in full force in the sixties with roadsters and coupes with legendary status today.  With straight six and V8 engines all part of the mix, MG has earned its place in British motoring history offering competitive sports cars through the sixties and seventies when Britain’s car industry was great.

If you’re looking to insure your classic MG, at Heritage Insurance Brokers, we offer competitive rates with high quality service for your classic MG insurance.

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Our specialist Multi Car Insurance allows you to cover all of the vehicles in your household under one policy, that includes your modern vehicles, daily drives, classic cars and specialist vehicles. Many of our customers prefer a multi car policy as it’s much less hassle, you’ll have one renewal date and one person who you speak to about all your insurance needs. You can find out more about our Multi Car Insurance by calling 0121 248 9474 or by requesting a call back.

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The MGC received bad press after being test driven and claims that it handled badly. This however was untrue, the fact is that it was so smooth that drivers were hitting corners much too fast and were then struggling under the impression they were driving slower than they actually were!

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