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Classic Jaguar Insurance

The beautiful British-born classic

It’s been said by more than one of our customers that once you have driven a classic Jaguar you can never go back. From E-types to XK’s, we will tailor your classic car insurance to suit you. This historic British-born vehicle inspires admiration and dedication in equal measure. If you are looking for classic Jaguar Insurance then with our schemes you’ll sleep safe in the knowledge the you can agree the value, and even better, it will cost you nothing. Heritage Car Insurance offer free agreed valuations, and along with your insurance we also offer up to 90 says cover to travel around Europe, should the mood take you. If you are storing your Jaguar for it’s cat nap then we also offer laid up insurance so it’s still protected from fires and any accidents whilst it’s tucked away. Call us on 0121 2489473 or arrange for us to call you back for more information.

Copyright Joe deSousa_Flickr_Jaguar Etype_Top Ten Classic Cars Of All TimeFrom motor cycle sidecars to the rise of the Jaguar

The beauty of Jaguar began in 1922 by Billy Lyons. However the journey into the classic cars we know today didn’t start immediately, Billy Lyons initially partnered with a neighbour to produce motor cycle sidecars in Blackpool. It was in 1935 that the name Jaguar came about with the improved range of S.S. Models that first started in 1931. However it was not to be, the SS came with performance issues so wasn’t a huge success. During the war Lyons dropped the SS name and his senior engineers worked on a new engine for a planned new saloon car. As it wasn’t ready for some time, other traditional models were introduced post war boasting a superior chassis and engine. In 1948 however, the rise of the XK 120 brought huge success to Lyons through the 1948 Motor Show. The Jaguar brand became international and through quality engineering and superb designs, it grew to the company we treasure today.

We can cover you on multi-car Insurance

Whether you have one Jaguar or a range of vehicles, we can cover you on multi-car Insurance. From Jaguar E-types to S-types and even XKS, if you’re lucky enough to own one or 3 of these cars our multi-car policy could be just for you. The more cars the merrier we say, plus you’re not just limited to classic cars on this policy, you can also include your everyday runaround. For more information call us on 0121 2489473

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Fact of the week

For Jaguar XJ models, Jaguar uses only leather from Scottish Angus Bulls. The reason for bulls over cows is that the cows can get stretch marks from pregnancy. What’s more, the Scottish bulls are less likely to have been bitten by mosquito’s, which could damage the leather. Skin from the belly and neck make up the dash and the doors, while the rump and backbone make the seats, as those parts of the hide are tougher.

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