What is classic car insurance?

What is classic car insurance? Heritage Classic Car Insurance takes a look from an insurance broker perspective.
Contrary to popular belief ‘what is classic car insurance?’ is a frequently asked question which we tend to get on a daily basis as a classic car insurance broker. We look into classic car insurance to explain a bit more about what it is and how classic car insurance in the UK has come to have a few terms associated with it.

What is the definition of Classic Car Insurance?

Usually, people want to know how old does your vehicle have to be to qualify as a classic car? Or what does the age of the policy holder have to be? As there isn’t an exact description or answer to the definition of classic car insurance, Heritage Car Insurance would like to give you a general overview of what we use as a start point: Insurance for the motoring enthusiast who uses his classic car for limited mileage but also owns another car for normal use.

Classic Car Insurance UK

With so many different phrases and terms when searching for classic car insurance information, it’s always a good idea to get a grasp on what each phrase means;

  • Vintage car insurance- (This is the term used for classic cars within the 1920s to 1930s Era, for example, an Austin Sidar Phaeton.)
  • Antique car insurance – (This in the UK signifies cars made between the era of 1890-1919 or as some people prefer, the pre-war cars, for example; Ford Model A and Austin 7.)
  • Classic car insurance- (Think MGB, Triumph Spitfire, Rover P6, Volkswagen Camper etc.)
  • Retro car insurance- (This is mainly used to describe the next generation of classic cars, which are typically bought by younger enthusiasts such as; Fiesta XR2i, Austin Montego or Peugeot 205.)

Classic Car Insurance explained

So what qualifies for classic car insurance with Heritage Car Insurance?
Typically to qualify for classic car insurance you ought to have a daily drive which you own. Therefore the classic car is your second (or more) vehicle which you tend to use only on a weekend and have a yearly mileage of less than 5,000 miles. With that in mind, we can hear you asking; is classic car insurance cheaper than everyday insurance? Yes, it is. The reason for this is that you don’t use your vehicle as much as your everyday car, so the risk of you having an unfortunate incident and needing to claim is far lower.

Classic car insurance and no claims bonus.

When it comes to classic car insurance, you cannot accrue No Claims Bonus. For example, if you had to make a claim on your classic car insurance policy you would not lose any ‘no claims bonus’ (simply because the policy doesn’t earn any).

Most classic car insurance companies in the UK offer similar benefits on their policies. But at Heritage Classic Car Insurance we offer some extra added bonuses such as cover for track days, hill climbs and sprints. (T&C’s apply) Generally speaking limited mileage classic car insurance is usually applied to any classic car insurance policies, although some insurance companies mileage allowances tend to differ from others.

If you would like to expand on any more information given in this blog about UK classic car insurance, please call our Heritage Classic Car Insurance team on 0121 248 9229 and they will happily assist you in helping evaluate if we can cover your vehicle on a classic car policy.