When your car is a piece of living motor history, you’ll want to protect it accordingly with specific car insurance for antique cars. At Heritage, we work hard to offer vintage auto insurance that takes the true value of your car into account. With over 55 years’ experience offering vintage car insurance in the UK, we have access to a wide panel of antique and vintage car insurance providers to provide you with the best deals on the market. 

We provide vintage vehicle insurance on a wide range of car makes, from British-built to imports. Whether you own an Austin 7 or a Ford Model A, we can get you exclusive vintage car insurance quotes at competitive prices and with great additional options to suit your needs. 


  • Free Agreed Value: we provide agreed value cover for your vintage vehicle in the event of total loss
  • Up to 90 days European Cover
  • Salvage retention: keep the salvage of your car if the worst happens.
  • Limited mileage discounts: the lower your annual mileage, the bigger the savings.
  • Car club member and other discounts: save up to 15% if you’re a member of a registered vintage car owners club, the Military Vehicle Trust, or an NHS staff member.
  • Laid up cover: covers your vintage vehicle for accidental damage, fire and theft while it’s being restored
  • No claims bonus: with some of our vintage car insurance policies you can get a No Claims Bonus.
  • Free Skytag GPS tracker: request a free Skytag GPS tracker with your policy and recover your pride and joy quickly in the event of theft.


You will need vintage classic car insurance if you’re the owner of a vintage car. Any vehicle manufactured between 1919 and 1930 may be classified as a vintage car, according to major car clubs. The parameters can vary, but whenever your car was built, we’ll do our best to build you the bespoke policy it needs.

Vintage car values can change quickly based on market demand, so it’s important to make sure your agreed value is regularly reviewed. We can offer free agreed valuation, or you can choose to have your car valued independently.

Having a specialist policy for your vintage car is vital if you want to protect it for what it’s worth. You can also take advantage of discounted premiums with limited mileage discounts, and you’re covered if you want to exhibit your vintage vehicle at shows.


To take advantage of our great antique car insurance rates, request a vintage car insurance quote by filling in a few short details below, and one of our team will call you back.


Alongside your vintage car insurance you may want some additional protection, for example against lost or stolen keys or your car breaking down. Unlike many other antique classic car insurance companies, Heritage offer a range of competitive optional extras – you can pick whichever ones suit your needs, or choose our package option, which combines the most popular additional cover options for an even better price.

From breakdown cover and a courtesy car to get you out of a breakdown fix, to Key Protect in case your key gets lost or stolen, these are the little things that make a big difference.

Key Protect

If your key gets lost or stolen, Key Protect covers the cost of replacement and related expenses.

Personal Accident Cover

Cover you and your partner for up to £50,000 for bodily injury or death while driving or as a passenger.

Heritage Motor Legal

Get cover of up to £100,000 for any legal costs involved in claiming against an uninsured driver, injury compensation claims and recovering uninsured losses.

Road Rescue

Get breakdown cover including misfuelling cover and European driving, provided by ALPS and their award-winning claims service.


What is the difference between vintage and classic cars?

Although there isn’t a set definition for both vintage and classic cars, a classic car is typically a car that is 15-20 years of age or older, and desirable as a collectible. Vintage cars are vehicles that were manufactured between 1919 and 1930, although the timeframes can vary. The common denominator is that they both have timeless designs and are owned as cherished vehicles. 

Can I get vintage car insurance immediately?

Yes. Once payment has been made for your vintage auto insurance, cover will be in place immediately.

How to insure a vintage car

Before you begin to insure your vintage car, check your vehicle is eligible for a vintage car insurance policy. Speak with a specialist provider about your cover needs, such as how many miles you’ll be driving each year, and whether you exhibit your vintage car at shows. We’d be happy to arrange a bespoke quote with competitive rates, simply give us a call on 0121 248 9229.

What cars are eligible for vintage car insurance?

If your car was manufactured between 1919 and 1930, your car is most likely vintage. If you’re unsure as to whether your car is eligible for vintage car insurance, you can get in touch with us here. If your car isn’t eligible for vintage car insurance, don’t worry – we can still cover it! We offer many other types of specialist vehicle insurance to suit your needs, including classic car insurance

Does a vintage car insurance policy cover me for driving other cars?

No. Traditionally, you would already have this with your standard car insurance. We recommend checking this in your Certificate of Motor Insurance. Our Multi Car insurance can cover you to drive other vehicles, if you are over 25 and your everyday cars are on cover with Heritage Insurance. The other car must be insured, not owned by the policyholder, and for emergency use only.

My vintage car isn’t finished yet; can I get insurance while I’m restoring it?

Yes, providing the car is garaged we can provide laid up insurance.

What is the difference between vintage vehicle insurance and standard insurance?

The main difference between vintage vehicle insurance and standard car insurance is that the majority of standard car insurance companies don’t offer agreed value, which is what protects the value of your vintage car. You can also take advantage of discounted premiums with limited mileage discounts.

How can I make a claim on my antique and classic car insurance?

To make a claim on your antique vehicle insurance policy, in the first instance you should contact your insurance company first. If you can’t get through to your insurer or can’t find their details, you can get in touch with us by calling 0121 246 9090 from Monday to Friday between 8:30am to 5:30pm and on Saturdays between 09:00am to 1:00pm. If you need to get in touch outside of these hours, you can call our 24-hour claims line on 0121 248 9477.
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