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Modern Classic Car Insurance

A Modern Classic is still a classic. Just as the owner who cherishes their 1974 BMW 2002 can get specialist insurance, why not you and your 2015 BMW B3 Alpina…


If you thought it was difficult to pin down a definition of a classic car, defining a modern classic could be considered up there with alchemy. Essentially there are no real hard and fast rules. Maybe a simple rule of thumb – if your car is over 15 years you should consider our Classic Car insurance, if it’s not you should consider our Modern Classic insurance.

For example, Modern Classic insurance could cover a 2009 Mazda Rx-8, 1999 MG F, 2005 MG ZT 460 V8, a 2008 Mercedes CLK63 Black Edition or even the 2017 TVR Griffith! The list is as endless for Modern Classics as it is for Classic Cars.

So, perhaps a better way to think about it is more along the lines of how you use your car. If you lock it up in a garage and only use it at the weekends (so, no commuting) with no plans to drive it more than 3,000 miles a year, we should be able to insure your car as a Modern Classic.


  • Discount for specialist club members
  • Limited mileage (up to 3,000 miles annually)
  • Cover for any modifications
  • Up to 90 day cover for driving in the EU
  • Full windscreen damage
  • Optional breakdown cover


  • Is your modern classic your second car?
  • Is your vehicle less than 15 years old?
  • It is a special, enhanced or limited edition spec of the model?
  • Do you drive your vehicle 3,000 miles or less?
  • Are you aged 30 or over?


Road Rescue 

When you add our Road Rescue breakdown policy you get benefit of knowing that no matter where you are in the UK, you will be rescued in the event of  a mechanical breakdown. Click here to learn more.

ALPS Legal Cover

Should the unthinkable happen and you are involved in an accident in any of your vehicles, our ALPS Legal Motor Cover will help ensure you are not left out of pocket. Not only that, you get to choose the garage or repairer for your cherished classic to give you peace of mind that your car will be restored (if possible) to its full glory. Ask our team for more details.

Heritage KeyCare

It might go without saying how much inconvenience is caused by a lost or stolen key to your valuable classic. With KeyCare we will get you back on the road with the minimum of fuss. Ask our team for more details.

FREE Skytag tracker

As a customer of Heritage Insurance you can claim a FREE Skytag GPS Tracker Unit worth up to £249.99*. Skytag is a small GPS device that you can fit to your vehicle with ease. Once activated it allows Skytag to track your stolen car and in conjunction with the police, recover it quickly. Click here to learn more.

* annual subscription required to activate.

Multi Car Insurance

While we are quoting for your Modern Classic, why not let us quote for your all your vehicles. Our Multi Car insurance places all your vehicles under one policy for the convenience of one renewal date. When coupled with our Road Rescue Multi Car – one breakdown policy will cover all your vehicles. Ask our team or click here to find out more about multi car insurance



For more information on our Modern Classic insurance, request a call back below and our team will get in touch.

Modern Classic Car Insurance