Our Best Classic Car Magazines and Newspapers

Looking for a good read? Here are our best classic car magazines

Every classic car lover has a few clear favourites when it comes to the best motors. At the Heritage offices, we recently found ourselves discussing our favourite classic car magazines and newspapers too.

From sales directories and weekly newsletters, to glossy classic car magazines and bloggers, there’s an abundance of great reading out there. We’ve put together some of the ones we like to browse for different reasons.

The weekly newspapers

When it comes to weeklies, you can’t beat Classic Car Buyer, dubbed Britain’s leading weekly newspaper for classic car enthusiasts. It’s out every Wednesday and great for news, events, buying guides and auction reports.

There are plenty of features too and the team really know their stuff.

Alternatively, Classic Car Weekly is also a good read, with loads of classic cars and parts for sale.

Monthly magazines

Top of the pile for us when it comes to the higher end glossier classic car magazines is Classic and Sports Car.

Out every third week of the month, it has a circulation of over 65,000 and caters to classic lovers and the sports car market. It has great news, reviews, and an ‘ask the team’ feature and buyer’s guides.

Octane is also a good magazine for classics and performance cars. From its own description, ‘every issue features the car, the people, the action and excitement of the last 100 years of automotive history’. It has fantastic photography and event coverage from around the world.

Classic Cars is also a popular choice in the Heritage office. It’s another monthly with news, reviews and advice on everything to do with classic cars.

For buyers and restorers

If you’re looking at the market or working on your latest project, then Classic Car Mart is a great start. It has thousands of classic cars for sale over a couple of hundred pages each month, as well as great advice pieces.

It also has the news and road test features you’ll be looking for as you consider your purchases.

In the same vein, Classic Motoring mixes classified listings with news and reviews in the monthly magazine format. It also has lots of parts and specialist services for all you restorers.

Practical Classics finishes our list for now. It’s another good monthly magazine with a nice balance and some great editorial from Danny Hopkins and his team.

There’s a wealth of different websites and some great bloggers out there too if you like your digital reading. A quick Google search will bring up a long list and we’ll revisit this one soon with some of our online favourites.

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