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A Morgan car.

The Ultimate Guide for Morgan Car Enthusiasts

Timeless. Handcrafted. Unmistakably Unique. 

Morgan cars have secured a special place in the hearts of classic car enthusiasts worldwide. Known for their distinct designs, meticulous craftsmanship, and exhilarating driving performance, these British masterpieces embody timeless elegance. 

From the sleek and seductive lines of the iconic Morgan Aero 8 to the classic charm of the Plus 4, the Morgan Motor Company has forged a legacy steeped in tradition and innovation. In celebration of this, our guide delves into the fascinating world of Morgan cars, exploring their rich history, unrivalled workmanship, and the passion that drives their owners.  


A brief history of the Morgan Motor Company

From its humble beginnings to becoming an automotive industry icon, the Morgan Motor Company has left a distinct mark on the automotive landscape.

Here, we take you on a trip through time, exploring the history, evolution, and most notable car models of the Morgan Motor Company. 

1909: The founding of Morgan Motor Company

Morgan Motor Company was founded in Malvern (Worcestershire) by Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan (known as HFS). His passion for automobiles and his innovative vision set the stage for the brand’s enduring legacy.

1910: The Morgan Runabout

Morgan Motor Company introduced its first car, the Morgan Runabout. Also known as the Three-Wheeler, the vehicle featured a lightweight design, utilising a motorcycle engine and a wooden body frame. The Runabout’s distinct appearance and spirited performance laid the foundation for the company’s future success.

A Morgan Motor Company flag

A Morgan 4×4 series. Image by Morgan Motor Company.

1936: The Morgan 4x4 series

Morgan unveiled the 4/4 model, which signified the company’s transition to four-wheeled vehicles. The 4/4, named for its four wheels and four cylinders, featured a traditional design, robust construction, and a lightweight body. It quickly became one of Morgan’s most popular and enduring models.

1938: Debut at the Le Mans 24 Hours race

Morgan made its debut at the Le Mans 24 Hours race. Prudence Marjorie Fawcett became the first person ever to drive a Morgan car at this prestigious race. Teaming up with Geoffrey White, they formed a formidable duo that completed an impressive 2,210 kilometres, securing a commendable thirteenth place overall.

1950: Introduction of the iconic Morgan Plus 4

The year 1950 marked the introduction of the iconic Morgan Plus 4. Building upon the success of the 4/4, the Plus 4 added more power and improved performance. With its sleek and aerodynamic body, the Plus 4 showcased the brands commitment to blending classic design with enhanced capabilities.

The iconic Morgan Plus 4.
The iconic Morgan Plus 4. Image by Morgan Motor Company.
The Morgan Plus 8.
Morgan Plus 8. Image by Reinhold Möller, Wikipedia Commons.

1968: Morgan Plus 8

The Morgan Plus 8 took the automotive world by storm. This model combined traditional craftsmanship with a powerful V8 engine, creating an exhilarating driving experience. The Plus 8’s muscular presence, speed, and handling made it a favourite among sports car enthusiasts.

2000: Morgan Aero 8

Morgan unveiled the Aero 8, marking a significant step forward for the company. The Aero 8 embraced modern technologies while maintaining the brand’s distinctive aesthetics. It featured an aluminium chassis, advanced suspension, and a BMW V8 engine, delivering exceptional performance and refinement.

A 2005 Morgan Aero 8.
A 2005 Morgan Aero 8. Image by Michel Curi, Wikipedia Commons.
The Morgan Plus 6 driving on a scenic route.
Morgan Plus 6. Image by Morgan Motor Company.

2019: Morgan Plus 6

Continuing the legacy of innovation, Morgan introduced the Plus Six in 2019. This model moved away from their traditional approach, incorporating a turbocharged six-cylinder engine and an aluminium chassis. The Plus Six offered a harmonious blend of power, agility, and modern sophistication.

In the same year, Investindustrial, a leading European investment group, acquired a majority stake in Morgan Motor Company. This partnership brought new opportunities for growth and innovation while preserving Morgan’s heritage. The Morgan family remains actively involved in the business.  

2023: New and improved Plus Four and Plus Six models

The new and improved Plus Four and Plus Six models were released. The enhancements included updated interior options, a new braking system – the Electronic Stability Control (ESC), and new Sennheiser audio systems.

A studio photograph of a 2023 Morgan Plus Four.
A 2023 Morgan Plus Four. Image by Morgan Motor Company.

The unparalleled craftmanship of Morgan cars

When it comes to Morgan cars, their design, craftmanship and engineering are a testament to the artistry that classic car enthusiasts truly appreciate. Morgan cars are instantly recognisable due to their unique design elements, handcrafted using ash, aluminium and leather. 

A wood-framed Morgan car being manufactured in their factory.
A Morgan in production. Image by Morgan Motor Company.

Are Morgan cars made of wood?

Morgan cars are a harmonious blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern engineering techniques. One notable aspect of Morgan’s construction is the use of a wooden frame. The frame of these cars is meticulously handcrafted from ash wood. This traditional approach not only pays homage to Morgan’s rich heritage but also contributes to the unmistakable character of each vehicle. 

But it’s important to note that not all components of modern Morgan cars are made of wood. Other components, such as body panels and interiors, incorporate modern materials like aluminium, steel, and luxurious upholstery. 

A Morgan Plus Six on a scenic route.
Morgan Plus Six. Image by Morgan Motor Company.

Driving performance

Driving a Morgan is an unmatched experience. The combination of precise handling, responsive controls, and the open-top driving experience creates a sense of freedom and connection to the road like no other. The distinctive roar of the engine and the wind in your hair add to the exhilaration, making each drive a memorable adventure. 

Morgan cars are powered by a range of engines that deliver impressive performance and driving exhilaration. The specific engine options vary across different models, offering a diverse selection to suit various preferences. Morgan has collaborated with renowned engine manufacturers, such as BMW and Ford. 

Where are Morgan cars manufactured?

Morgan cars are still made at the Morgan Motor Company’s factory in Malvern, Worcestershire. This historic facility has been the heart of Morgan’s production since its inception in 1909. Nestled amidst the scenic Malvern Hills, the factory provides the perfect backdrop for the creation of these creative automotive masterpieces. 

Do they still make Morgan cars?

Morgan cars are still being manufactured today. The passion classic car enthusiasts have for these special vehicles has ensured that Morgan Motor Company continues to produce them. The company’s commitment to quality and exclusivity is reflected in the limited volume of Morgans they make each year. They currently produce just 800 cars annually, with the model line-up consisting of the Three-Wheeler, Plus Four and Plus Six. 

What it’s like to own a Morgan sports car

Owning a Morgan car is a dream come true for classic car enthusiasts. From the exhilarating driving experience to the timeless design, these vehicles captivate the hearts of their owners. In this section, we will explore the aspects of Morgan car ownership, including how to acquire one, the associated costs, and maintenance considerations. 

Acquiring a Morgan car

To become a proud owner of a Morgan car, the first step is to contact an authorised Morgan dealership or deal directly with the Morgan Motor Company. They can guide you through the process of selecting your desired model, configuring it to your preferences, and providing you with pricing details.

How much does a Morgan car cost?

Morgan cars are bespoke, handcrafted vehicles, and their exclusivity comes with a corresponding price tag. The cost of a Morgan car can vary depending on the model, specifications, and optional features you choose. At the time of writing, the Morgan Motor Company were advertising the UK on the road price for a Plus Four Manual/Automatic and Plus Six for £71,829.90 and £90,389.90, respectively.  

How long is the waiting list for a Morgan car?

Morgan cars are known to have waiting lists due to their limited production volume and high demand. According to their website, the Morgan Motor Company advise a typical waiting time of between six and 12 months, but it’s advisable to contact your local Morgan dealership or the company directly to inquire about the current waiting list status. 

A Morgan car's wooden frame being maintained.
Maintenance of a Morgan car’s frame. Image by Morgan Motor Company.

Maintaining your Morgan sports car

Regular servicing and maintenance should be carried out by authorised Morgan service centres or experienced classic car specialists who understand the unique needs of these vehicles. While Morgan cars are meticulously crafted, like any other classic car, they may encounter occasional issues that require attention. Common issues can include: 

  • Wooden frame maintenance: Proper maintenance of the wooden frame is essential to ensure its longevity and structural integrity. 
  • Bodywork and paint: Issues such as dents, scratches, or corrosion may occur over time and need to be addressed by skilled craftsmen or reputable bodywork specialists experienced in working with classic cars. 
  • Cooling system: Morgan cars typically have air-cooled or liquid-cooled engines, and it’s crucial to maintain their cooling systems for optimal performance. Regular coolant checks, radiator cleaning, and inspection of hoses and fittings can help prevent overheating issues. 
  • Transmission and clutch: Manual transmissions and clutches in Morgan cars may require periodic maintenance, including fluid changes and clutch adjustments. It’s important to address any unusual noises, difficulty in shifting gears, or clutch slippage promptly. 

Remember that these are general considerations, and the specific issues may vary depending on the model, age, and maintenance history of your Morgan car.  

Five fascinating Morgan sports car facts

1. Racing heritage

Morgans have a rich history in motorsport that can be traced back to when the company launched in 1909. Participating in various races and rallies around the world, their lightweight construction, agility, and powerful engines make them formidable competitors on the track. Morgan cars have achieved remarkable success, including class wins at prestigious events like the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Image © Pixabay.com

 2. Morgan on the small screen

Morgan cars have also graced the small screen in popular TV shows. In the British detective drama series Inspector Morse, the titular character, Inspector Morse, drove a Morgan throughout several episodes. You may have also spotted Morgan sports cars in other iconic TV shows such as Lovejoy, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and Keeping Up Appearances. Image © IMCDB.org 

3. Morgan at the movies

These classic cars have also had quite a few starring roles on the big screen. In the 1989 movie The War of the Roses, Michael Douglas is very generously gifted a black-top cream coloured Morgan Plus 4 for his birthday. A vintage blue three-wheeler also makes an appearance in 1968 comedy film The Party, driven by Peter Sellers. Image © IMCDB.org

4. Morgan star power

Morgan cars have attracted attention from celebrities and notable figures. Celebrity owners include Brigette Bardot, Nicolas Cage, Whitney Houston, Mick Jagger and Ralph Lauren to name a few. This association with esteemed personalities further adds to the allure and desirability of Morgan cars. Image © Pinterest.

5. Unique appeal

With 60,000 paint shades and 30 leather colours to choose from, each sports car has its own unique, special features. So that clients don’t feel overwhelmed by choice, the team at the Malvern factory work with them to create various colour combinations and looks based on what they like. Image © Morgan Motor Company.

Explore the Morgan car club community

Being a Morgan car owner opens doors to a vibrant community of enthusiasts. Various events, rallies, and gatherings are organised specifically for Morgan owners, offering opportunities to connect with other enthusiasts. 

Morgan Sports Car Club (MSCC)

An esteemed organisation dedicated to all things Morgan. Established in 1951, it boasts a thriving membership base. From local meets and social events to track days and organised tours, the MSCC offers plenty of opportunities to connect with fellow Morgan owners and immerse yourself in the rich heritage of the brand. 


This annual event is hosted by the MSCC – and supported by the Morgan Motor Company. Held at the De Vere Beaumont Estate Hotel in Old Windsor and Brooklands at Weybridge over a long weekend, there’s a full programme of events for Morgan car enthusiasts to enjoy. Check the MSCC website for dates, timings and prices. 

Morgan Motor Company factory tour  

A chance to see the meticulous craftmanship up close. Led by an expert guide, tours run Monday to Saturday with a limited number of 18 for an intimate and engaging experience. Learn more about the story behind the iconic car brand before exploring the factory workshops and seeing the latest models in the making. While you’re there, why not make a day of it and book an experience in a Plus 4 or Super 3? 

The Morgan Three-Wheeler Club 

Formed in 1945, the Morgan Three-Wheeler Club is dedicated to celebrating the iconic Morgan Three-Wheeler. The club hosts regular events, social meets, and rallies. They’re also passionate about preserving these unique cars by sourcing and selling spare parts as well as having a team of technical advisors ready to share their wealth of Morgan car knowledge. 

Morgan Challenge Race Series 

If you’re a fan of motorsport, don’t miss the exhilarating Morgan Challenge Race Series. You’ll be able to witness the power and agility of Morgans as they compete in various circuits across the UK, showcasing the brand’s racing heritage. 

Note: When exploring events and joining car clubs, always check their official websites or contact them directly for the latest information and membership details. 

Are you the proud owner of a Morgan sports car?

For over 55 years, Heritage has been providing specialist Morgan insurance to owners just like you. If you’re interested in finding out more about how we can help protect your Morgan, get in touch today for more information and a free quote.