We’re pleased to have partnered with the SLSHOP to offer CARE members discounted insurance for their classic Mercedes-Benz.

Taking good care of your classic Mercedes-Benz requires quality insurance cover which gives you peace of mind, whilst protecting your unique vehicle. We’ve partnered with the SLSHOP to offer you cover that can help you to protect your specialist vehicle’s value.

As a specialist vehicle insurance provider, we cover classic, modified and performance cars with tailored protection and a range of valuable benefits.

Exclusive benefits for SLSHOP CARE members

  • A 15% discount on classic and specialist motor insurance
  • An enhanced 180 days of European driving cover (standard is 90 days)
  • A free Skytag GPS tracker unit

In addition, SLSHOP CARE members can benefit from free agreed value on their classic, and salvage retention as standard.


Why insure with Heritage?

With 55 years’ experience arranging bespoke insurance for classic vehicles, we know what it takes to get the right cover. Our friendly and experienced team will help you find the policy to suit you, and we offer some benefits you won’t find with all brokers.

This includes getting free agreed valuation on your classic car to protect its value if you ever have to make a total loss claim.

We also offer salvage retention as standard, so you can retain the salvage of your vehicle for repair or parts if it’s written off.

Free Skytag tracker offer

Exclusive to Heritage customers is the offer of a free Skytag GPS tracker device, which can locate and track your vehicle anywhere in the world within metres. Skytag can provide the police with live, real-time location data in the event of a theft, increasing the chance and speed of recovery. 

The GPS tracking device is free of charge when you take out insurance cover with Heritage. Skytag is a subscription-based service; details of the three tracking service options can be found here.


A classic car is both a lifestyle and an investment, and our aim is to get you the protection you need for the way you want to enjoy your classic Mercedes. Send us a message below to request your bespoke quotation, and we’ll give you a call back.

To get your quote call 0121 248 9353, or send our helpful team a message below and we’ll call you back.

Multicar: suitable for collections and across classic and modern vehicles

Heritage multicar cover has been tailored to suit classic car owners who are likely to have a modern daily drive, in addition to one or more classic and specialist vehicles. We know many SLSHOP customers have not only one SL but several, or perhaps other modern cars alongside your Mercedes. 

There is no cap to the number of vehicles that can be put onto one policy under our flexible multicar product, and up to five drivers can be registered. Agreed value for classic vehicles is included in this, and we can offer additional optional protection such as breakdown across all insured vehicles, with home start included.

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