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Skytag GPS Tracker

Free Skytag GPS Device

Heritage are proud to be working in partnership with Skytag Limited, trusted by many owners to protect their vehicles. Confident in their ability to locate stolen vehicles, we have negotiated a special offer that gives each of our customers a Skytag GPS device free.

All you need to do is call us now on 0121 248 9442 and quote the reference code “FBSKY” or you can request a call back below.

Skytag GPS Tracking Service

Skytag GPS tracking is a proven, comprehensive stolen vehicle location service that can locate and track your vehicle anywhere in the world, within metres.

  • 24 hour 365 days a year monitoring service
  • Skytag liaises with the nearest police command centre to your vehicle location
  • Fastest UK recovery in just 11 minutes
  • Simple installation
  • Monthly GPS tracker equipment test and operational health check
  • GPS Device comes with a 5 year warranty
  • Low cost and contract free
  • Fully transferable Skytag GPS tracking device

How Skytag tracking works?

The unique Skytag GPS Tracking service is a trusted system providing the Police with direct access to live, real time location data to speed up the recovery process. Enabling the Police to monitor your vehicle from a distance also massively reduces the danger of a high-speed chase that often leads to damage to your vehicle as well as endangering the wider public.

Watch this video to see how Skytag GPS Tracking service works in the real world

There are three tracking services available from Skytag Limited.

Standard Tracking

  • Includes battery disconnect alerts, tracker battery low power alert, monthly health check and email notification with Worldwide coverage.
  • 24 hour crime line with police liaison to recover your vehicle.

Active tracking

As Standard Tracking + active movement alerts with two options.

  • Leisuresafe is perfect for leisure vehicles used 2-3 times a week. It is fully automatic with a bespoke safe zone created where your vehicle is normally stored. If your vehicle moves out of the zone during the protected hours alerts are sent direct to your landline, sms and email.
  • NightSafe is perfect for everyday use vehicles where you need protection during the vulnerable night hours. Using a zone similar to LeisureSafe the system alerts leaving the Safe Zone during the armed period.

Live Tracking

As Active Tracking + user designed zones, speed alerts and the ability to log in from any internet enabled device and see vehicle updates.

  • Liveview service includes unlimited email alerts and 10 direct telephone alerts per week.

What costs are involved?

The special offer for Heritage Insurance customers includes a FREE Skytag GPS Tracking device, (usual price £249.99). Skytag GPS Tracking is a subscription based service. The monthly subscriptions are:

Standard Tracking – £6.99/mo

Active Tracking – £10.99/mo

Live Tracking – £12.99/mo

Claim your free Skytag GPS Tracker

Fill in your details below to take advantage of our special offer of a FREE Skytag GPS Tracker device. We will confirm you are as a Heritage customer and request Skytag Limited to contact you within 7 working days.

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Please note that your name, contact number, postal address and email address will be shared with Skytag Limited so they can contact you regarding the box and setup. Your details will not be shared with any 3rd party.

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