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Admin fees

Heritage Insurance Brokers believe in complete transparency with our customers.

Why do brokers charge fees?

Simply, there is a cost to all brokers for processing your insurance documents. We apply an administration charge to cover costs incurred when setting up your new policy with an insurer. Likewise should you make a change to your policy there is a cost associated because even small things, such as a change of address or occupation, could alter the risk. This requires a recalculation of your premium.

To make everything transparent and fair for you, we have a fixed fee structure that applies to all customers. We also believe it is unethical to increase charges based on the premium you pay. This is why our fees are fixed for everyone from the moment you become a Heritage customer.

Administration Fees

Our fixed fees are as follows:

  • New Policy/Renewal: £30
  • Mid-term adjustment (any change to your policy): £25
  • Duplicate documents: £20
  • Cancellation: £30

Cooling-Off Period

This is, by law, a minimum of 14 days in the UK. You will still be charged for the time the vehicle was on cover, as you may have driven the vehicle during that time. Insurance brokers can ask for a charge additionally, however Heritage Insurance Brokers do not.

Why are there costs for cancelling?

As with any financial agreement, if you decide to cancel your insurance before it has run its term there will be a cancellation charge. This charge will cover the cost of the administration required to ensure your insurance liability for the vehicle is discharged. In addition, the insurance company themselves will have a structure in place the shows how refunds are calculated. Part of the cancellation process will include Heritage finding out for you what that cost will be.

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