Personal Client Manager Service

Whether cars, your home or a holiday let, travel cover for a trip or frequent fliers, or pet insurance and cover for boats and collectibles, we’ve created a dedicated team that we can offer to you.

Watch our short video below to find out more about the personal client manager service with our Norton team.


Personal, tailored insurance

Our goal is to make your insurance a simpler, hassle-free experience, tailored especially for you.

Your personal client manager (PCM) is your dedicated contact within the Norton team who takes care of all your insurance needs, from one-off queries to managing policies you’ve had for years.

They’ll take the time find out what matters most to you, meaning that when you call you can pick up the conversation where you left off last time with someone who puts your needs first.

You can have total confidence in your cover as your PCM is on hand to help with all your insurance policies, both old and new. From motor and home insurance to travel cover and beyond, your PCM will save you time and hassle, whilst making sure you have the right insurance for your lifestyle, whenever and wherever you need it.

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Who would benefit from a personal client manager?

Simply put, our personal client manager service is for anyone who wants a dedicated contact to take care of all their insurance needs.

Life gets busy, and dealing with your car insurance, home cover and more, all in different places, can be a pain. We want to remove the stress, and support you and your family with the right protection that suits your lifestyle.

You can find out more about the services we offer with our Norton team here on the Norton website. Or, send us a message and we’ll give you a call at a time that suits you.


Is Norton a different company to Heritage?

No, we are the same company. Heritage is the classic car insurance brand of Norton Insurance Brokers, which was set up by Chris Wilkinson back in 1965. We are one team, working together from the same base in Edgbaston, with different areas of specialism. This means that whether you work with us as Heritage or as Norton, you benefit from the same quality of experience and expertise.


What does a personal client manager do for me?

When you have insurance questions, need to make changes, or have a policy to renew, your personal client manager will help you personally to get what you need. They’ll be responsible for all your insurance policies with us, and you can call or email them directly.

Our goal is to build helpful, positive support relationships with all our customers. Your personal client manager will be the one who handles your renewals, and speaks to insurers on your behalf to get the protection you need for your lifestyle.


Is there a fee for having a personal client manager?

Absolutely not. We don’t charge for personal service – this is a standard part of what we offer on our Norton team.


Do I have to wait until renewal to move to the Norton personal client manager service?

 If you’d like a personal contact to take care of all your insurance needs, we can move you to our Norton service at any time in your policy. Just email or call us to let us know that you’re interested, and we can arrange for you to speak with the Norton team.

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Joe Turner – Norton Manager

Same office. Same team. More options.


Heritage have been a part of the Norton family since 1965 when our founder Chris Wilkinson created Norton Insurance Brokers, a general insurance provider for the people of Birmingham. Over time, Heritage was born as a branch of Norton, spurred by Chris’ lifelong love of classic cars and the lack of classic car insurance options at the time.

To this day we’re still one family. Now headed by Mark Wilkinson, Chris’ son, our teams work alongside each other in the same office towards the same, shared goal – to support you in getting the proper protection for the things that matter most.