TV Shows for the classic car enthusiast

Salvage Hunters: Classic car

Classic car enthusiasm is a hobby shared by many across the globe. Millions of people enjoy restoring and modifying a variety of classic vehicles.

On Quest TV, this similar enthusiasm is shared by Salvage Hunters: Classic Cars hosts; Drew Pritchard and Paul Cowland.

Drew is a modern-day treasure hunter and one of the UK’s top antique dealers. As he travels up and down the UK finding new projects and hidden gems to restore, he has acquired a variety of clients, ‘from royalty to Hollywood stars.’

The show stems from Drew’s childhood love of visiting car scrapyards to unearth rare, original and unique pieces. He has over 20 years in the business, and in those 20 years, Drew and his team of experts have restored a range of items from fireplaces and garden ornaments to classic cars, paintings and jewellery.

Paul brings to the table a unique blend of humour and sarcasm, with an expert knowledge of the automotive industry. Together, these skills are why Paul has had a 20 year career writing, selling, creating and restoring, with his recent big TV project before this one being ‘Turbo Pickers.’

Salvage Hunters: Classic Cars returns in May on Wednesdays at 9pm, be sure to check it out. But, if you’re looking for alternative classic car TV shows, then you may like some of our pick of the bunch below.

Goblin Works Garage

Goblin Works Garage is another show on Quest TV which follows three mechanics; Ant Partridge, Jimmy de Ville and Helen Stanley, on their journey in bringing back the ‘once Great British engineering company; Goblin’. As a team, the three mechanics restore some of the world’s most popular and familiar  vehicles. They use artisan skills to create original and daring designs as they add a unique twist onto the classics they restore and modify. The series follows the complicated and tricky builds which the trio challenges themselves to restore, as well as following the pressures of expanding and growing a new British business. The team ‘turns classics into customs’ by completely transforming and re-working the look and performance of the vehicles.

If you are a classic car enthusiast who is interested in watching group restorations by three talented mechanics then this is definitely the show for you.

However, if you would prefer to witness some of the world’s rarest and most exotic classic cars, Chasing Classic Cars which is hosted by Wayne Carini is your ideal show.