The VW Scene

Heritage Classic Car Insurance takes a look at the VW scene in the UK.

The VW scene in the UK is one of the biggest classic car scenes in the country.  Whether you own a concours VW Beetle or a ratted VW Camper we all fall into the same collective. The V Dub magic has been around for decades, with the British public drawn to the call of the Volkswagen quirky charm.

Everybody loves a classic Volkswagen and with its unconventional looks and sounds it oozes uber- cool to drive and own.  The whole scene is full of VW shows all over the country. From north to south with thousands of VW owners flocking to these special events. Some can be three day meets ideal for your classic camper van or even the modern T4, T5 or even T6 models. The VW scene does not discriminate from old to new all vehicle are welcome.

There are many types of classic Volkswagens around these days. Going as far back as the early beetles from 1938 and classic campers from 1950. As well as modern campers still manufactured today including lesser known models from the past such as the VW Brasilia and the VW Fridolin.

The VW scene forms part of an aspirational lifestyle that perhaps even ‘Dubbers’ cannot reach in today’s modern world. But every weekend can mean a break from the normal nine to five and a weekend enjoying the sites of the country and the rumble of an air cooled engine.

British craving for the outdoor life has gained momentum over the last few years. Camping and caravan sites are an ideal space for VW campers enjoying the lifestyle more than ever.  Another favorite venue for classic Volkswagen’s is the outdoor music festival which maintains its popularity here in the UK.

 Practical and always on trend

The beauty of the classic VW is that it suits all destinations from a weekend away relaxing to pulling up at a social gathering. It attracts the right attention as a slammed rat rod or a twee classic car and stands for good times no matter what the weather.

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