The rolling 40 year MOT exemption

The Department for Transport has now confirmed the new rolling 40-year MOT exemption. This means that more than ever, the emphasis is on us to keep our classic vehicles over 40 years old safe and roadworthy.

The new legislation will mean that from classic cars and motorbikes built prior to 1978 will no longer need to pass the annual roadworthiness tests that apply to modern vehicles. This means drivers only need to submit their vehicles that have been ‘substantially changed’. They will join the current group of around 200,000 pre-1960 vehicles that are MOT exempt.

This means that from 20th May 2018, there will be almost 300,000 additional historical vehicles exempt from MOT testing on UK roads that no longer have to prove their roadworthy condition.


The consultation

You may recall last year’s consultation, which was met with quite a split between support and opposition for the proposals.

Around 2,000 people responded to the consultation, with 56% opposed to the exemption. The reasons were quite obvious, that there would be more old cars on the road that haven’t been subject to MOT tests and could therefore be unknowingly dangerous.

The Government’s response

The Department for Transport have said that cars over 40 years old are often kept in good condition by their owners and not used regularly enough to warrant an MOT.

They also said that the test is no longer relevant to vehicles that were built so long ago and it would be almost impossible to pass them anyway.

However, calls for specialist classic MOT testing requirements have not been heeded.

What can we do?

Regardless of our views on the rolling exemption, we all now have a duty of responsibility to check our vehicles regularly and make sure they are as safe and reliable as possible.

We can still submit our classic cars for voluntary MOT tests and there are a number of things we can look at ourselves.

Check out our recent series of videos with TV motoring expert Edd China, with handy hints and tips on how to make sure your classic car is in good working order, however old.

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