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    A recent survey has identified what country thinks it has the best drivers


    An Ipsos survey recently polled 12,400 people in 11 European countries asking drivers to assess themselves based on their road behaviour, and to comment on the behaviour of other road users they observe. The results found that the French believe themselves to be the best drivers in Europe.

    But what nationalities scored themselves the highest for calm driving, and who admitted to the worst levels of undertaking? Read on below…

    Blue air

    It seems we Europeans aren’t shy when it comes to verbalising a bit of road rage. 60% of German drivers admitted using foul language against other road users, scoring third highest after French drivers at 65% and in first place, the Greeks with 67%. On this question, a mere (?) 51% of UK drivers admitted to cursing at other road users!

    Whilst on the topic of verbal rage behind the wheel, taking it a step further were the 36% of Polish drivers who admitted to having gotten out of their vehicle to pick a fight with another driver. By a large margin, the next highest sore in this area were the Brits and Italians, with 16% apiece.

    Zen drivers

    But it’s not all angry news. The survey, commissioned by French motorway operator the Fondation VINCI Autoroutes, also polled drivers on their calmness and composure behind the wheel. Spanish drivers scored 69% in this area – describing themselves as relaxed drivers.

    Not too far behind are the Swedish, 62% of whom said they are calm drivers; however, the Swedes also scored 35% when asked if they’d tailgated a vehicle out of rage.

    The Belgians, described by other road users as ‘considerate drivers’, actually described themselves as ‘stressed’ and prone to ‘honking the horn aggressively’ in traffic.

    The undertakers

    When it comes to rules of the road, Britons shamelessly admitted to undertaking other cars on the motorway, with 43% of drivers saying they overtook on the wrong side.

    En conclusion

    And in a modest fashion, 97% of French drivers described themselves as calm, careful & polite, and 86% of them deemed other road users as irresponsible, aggressive and dangerous – thus declaring themselves the best drivers in Europe.


    A quiet cobble road in France