Choosing the right Breakdown cover for you

Not all Breakdown cover is the same, despite what you might have been told. Heritage Insurance take a look at the over saturated market when it comes to choosing the right Breakdown cover.

It seems as though in today’s “buy anything anywhere” retail philosophy that no matter where you go or what you are shopping for, you’ll be offered a whole lot more whether you want it or not! Take for example car breakdown insurance. Simply pop to your local shop for a pint of milk or to the bank to withdraw some cash and somebody’s offering what appears to be an exceptional deal on breakdown cover. Well at first impressions anyway.

Now we’re not here to dissuade anyone from any of these products. We simply want you to make an informed decision when choosing the right breakdown cover for you.

Having researched this particular product here at Heritage Insurance we have established that all breakdown insurance is not the same. When searching for cover you may have noticed how prices vary quite dramatically in some cases. So much so in fact that it is imperative to delve a little deeper to ensure that the benefits are appropriate before choosing the right breakdown cover for you.

Some typical examples of this can be restrictions and limitations that without studying the policy benefits you may be unaware of. Take accident recovery for instance, there are many policies that actually exclude this from the cover they provide. This could effectively leave you high and dry should somebody hit your vehicle leaving it immobilized. Beware when towing a caravan or trailer as some breakdown insurers will only take you to “a suitable location” chosen by them and not by you. Also you may find that if your vehicle can’t be repaired on the road side you will only be taken home or to your destination if a “prompt local repair” cannot be arranged.

Buy cheap, buy twice?

This is generally a good philosophy of course but don’t be fooled into thinking this is always the case. Make sure you know what you’re covered for, or better still make sure you get what you want when choosing the right breakdown cover for you. It’s always a good idea to read the “key facts” of any insurance document. Especially when it comes to breakdown cover as you will find many providers have a mileage restriction when it comes their recovery service. This can be as little as just 10 miles, so if you want to get home you had better breakdown close to where you live.

These “key facts” will give you a full description of what you are covered for and what you are not covered for. You should be able to access this important information prior to choosing the right breakdown cover and committing to a policy, so check the breakdown provider’s website before hand.

The age of your vehicle can also have a bearing on how much premium you might have to pay when choosing the right breakdown cover. Older vehicles that are driven regularly are more likely to breakdown than a modern equivalent . You we also find some company’s won’t offer an older vehicle basic roadside assistance meaning you will have to pay for a more expensive policy whether you need it or not.

You may also find that many car insurers will offer you a breakdown policy as part of your car insurance package. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is free because it generally won’t be. In fact these add on policies tend to get lumped in to your quotation increasing the rate of the premium, so always check this when getting insurance quotes as it may not be the best policy for you.

As you can see choosing the right breakdown cover for your can be a mine field with conditions and restrictions almost hidden away for you to only find out when it’s too late. Make sure you know what you want by making an informed decision before choosing the right breakdown cover that suits your requirements, don’t just buy the first policy that is offered to you whether it be your bank or your supermarket offering a “great deal”.

Like all insurance policies your breakdown cover is there just in case, and we all hope we never have to use it. This is why choosing the right breakdown cover is so important, as making the wrong decision could prove more than just disappointing.

Not sure what to do if you breakdown? Just click on the link below.