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A family-run business fueled by passion for all things classic Mercedes, SLSHOP are based near Stratford-upon-Avon and serve SL owners worldwide.

Centrally located in the Warwickshire countryside, SLSHOP is something of a classic Mercedes emporium, with vehicle sales, servicing, restoration and parts supply all under one roof. A look around the showroom reveals pristine models seeking new owners, and the workshop is home to expert and highly experienced technicians, with custom restoration projects happening alongside regular servicing.

As well as having a huge stock of vehicles for sale, SLSHOP boasts the world’s largest inventory of replacement classic Mercedes parts. They also build rally and race cars for customers with an appetite for something unique.

SL Shop event image
SL Shop workshop


CARE: A unique programme for owners

The CARE programme from SLSHOP was created for Mercedes-Benz owners who want to just enjoy their vehicle.

It aims to take the stress out of servicing and maintenance, with a customised plan and access to helpful benefits, including discounted parts, a courtesy car while your SL in being serviced, and subsidised transportation of your vehicle.


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Photo Credit: SL Shop

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SL Shop event image
SL Shop event image

Social and events

SLSHOP’s ethos is very much around getting people to use their vehicles, which is why they organise a calendar of events for people to socialise or even tour in their classics.

The latest tour saw a group of SL owners spend four days exploring the Cotswolds, while September will feature a 5-day tour of the Northern Borders. SLSHOP also curate tours abroad.

Closer to home, an upcoming event hosted at CarNatter is Mercs and Munitions, on the 25th June in Weedon, Northamptonshire.

Limited tickets are still available; the event is open to all Mercedes-Benz owners.