Ian Cook live painting event at Heritage HQ in May


Ian Cook of POPBANGCOLOUR will be painting live at the Heritage office on the 17th – 18th May, creating two new bespoke artworks for Heritage HQ.

Having created more than 15 Continuous Car drawings for Heritage customers taking part in our storytelling initiative, for this two-day visit our artist partner Ian will be returning to his more traditional art form – painting with cars. This unique art style started back in 2006 when he received a remote-control car for Christmas, and was told strictly not to take it to the art studio and get paint on it. He did exactly the opposite – and #paintwithcars was born.

‘This is a really exciting opportunity for us to see Ian’s creative process up close, and share the experience across our social media,’ said Amber Coakes, Head of Marketing and Communication. ‘Ian has been creating for our customers through 2021 into 2022 as part of our Customer Stories project, and now all our colleagues here will get a taste of the action.’

Over the two days Ian is planning to paint the Heritage logo, and a Jaguar XK150 in his signature style.

‘We chose this particular Jaguar XK150 to be painted because it belonged to Chris Wilkinson, who founded this business back in 1965. Sadly Chris passed away in 2021, and having a unique piece of artwork featuring his beloved classic of many years, painted right here in the office, feels like a fitting homage,’ says Mark Wilkinson, MD.

You’ll be able to follow the painting process across our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, with videos, photos and some live action. We’ll also be running some giveaways!

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