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    Classic Car Anniversaries in 2022


    As the spring sunshine spills across the nation, the sound of revving engines is filling the air as classics across the country slowly drive out of hibernation.

    At this time of year, it’s always enjoyable to know which car models are celebrating big annual birthdays. From speedy Triumph Spitfires to scrappy Audi 80s, there are plenty of cherished classics with more than a few candles in their cake!

    Which one is your favourite?

    MGB Roadster – 60th birthday

    Manufactured by the British Motoring Corporation, the MGB Roadster was a characteristically British, open-top motor with a monocoque body and 1.8l engine. It was a comfortable, uncomplicated drive, and received a great deal of praise when it was unveiled at the London Motor Show as a shiny new update of its predecessor: the MGA.

    The much-loved MGB Roadster was quick and comfortable enough to rival the Triumph TR series, making it a popular choice in the United States and the rest of the world.


    MGB Roadster 1960s model classic car birthday anniversary 2022
    The MG MGB Roadster, born in 1962

    Triumph Spitfire – 60th birthday

    The Triumph Spitfire MKI (or Spitfire 4, named after its 4-cylinder engine) was produced between 1962-64, and was nothing if not bold. It was one of the main rivals to the MG Midget, an already-established sports car in its own right, although the Spitfire promised more power than the Midget thanks to its bigger 1147cc engine.


    Triumph Spitfire classic car anniversary birthday
    The Triumph Spitfire is an enduringly popular classic


    Renault 5 – 50th birthday

    Highly regarded as one of the first modern superminis, the Renault 5 was every hatchback-lover’s dream. It was especially popular in Europe, with almost 5.5 million cars produced before 1996.

    Renault 5 in Strasbourg France classic car anniversary birthday
    The original Renault 5 turns 50 this year

    Audi 80 – 50th birthday

    A close rival of the Renault 5, the Audi 80 won the European Car of the Year award in 1973, just beating the Renault 5. It was hugely popular across Europe, and enjoyed strong production until 1978.

    Audi 80 classic car anniversary birthday
    An Audi 80 B1 first generation on display at the AUDI museum in Ingolstadt, Germany

    BMW 5 Series – 50th birthday

    The BMW 5 Series has now run to seven generations, but the first gen, released in 1972, is up for a big birthday this year. The original was known as the E12, and its styling has been described by as ‘a symphony of sheetmetal’. Paul Bracq, Head of BMW Design from 1970 to 1974, was the designer behind the 5 series, and cemented the design language of BMW for decades to come.

    BMW 5 series 1972 classic car anniversary birthday
    The iconic BMW 5 series was first released in 1972

    MG Metro – 40th birthday

    Released in 1982, the MG Metro hit the market less than two years after MG’s Abingdon factory had been closed down. A rival to other superminis like the Golf GTI, the Metro has a complex badge history and was also produced (from 1980) as the Austin Metro, and the Rover Metro only from 1990. Rust issues aside, the MG Metro sold well, and its distinctive 80s profile will be well-known to many of us!

    MG Metro classic car anniversary birthday
    A 1989 example of the MG Metro

    Ford Sierra – 40th birthday

    Also hitting the tarmac for the first time in 1982 was the Ford Sierra, the family car replacement for the Cortina, and a bit of a departure from Ford’s previously boxy styling. At the time of its release, the Sierra’s styling divided opinion sharply, but in the cab and under the hood the changes weren’t quite so radical.


    Have we missed any classic car birthdays you’d like to see featured? Let us know below!

    Ford Sierra 1982 classic car anniversary birthday
    The Ford Sierra was a stark departure in styling for Ford