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We’re proud to announce that our Heritage Customer Stories Project has now launched. It’s a beautiful collection of blogs, artwork and videos of our customers’ classic cars and the unique stories behind each one.

For the artwork, we asked Ian Cook (also known as POPBANGCOLOUR) to jump onboard and draw each participant’s classic in his creative signature style, which many of you loved. With these drawings, alongside the blogs, we’ve managed to create a wonderful series that we’re excited to share with you now.

As many readers may remember, last year we reached out to you, our customers, asking you to tell us about your classic cars and what they mean to you. We were blown away by the response; so many people got in touch with us, sharing their stories, showing us pictures of their classics, and agreeing to be part of the project.

You can view the full Heritage Customer Stories Project here.


Enda McKenna's Land Rover Series III by POPBANGCOLOUR

Ian Cook’s drawing of Heritage customer Enda McKenna’s Land Rover SIII


Sharing your stories

As insurance brokers, we get to hear so many wonderful stories behind owners and their classics. Each person who loves classic cars is part of a very special, widespread community, and we wanted to get to the heart of that to show others – enthusiasts or not – what that truly means.

With our Customer Stories Project, we wanted to showcase that in a way that’s touching, funny, and everything in between. Most importantly, we wanted our customers to feel seen in the classic car world, in the same way we see you every day.

From old blue Land Rovers to proud Aston Martins, our customers’ classics are as unique and precious as the history behind them. Sian Nath’s Karmann Ghia is her ‘happy place’, for example; Simon Parkinson’s Beetle is the car he was brought home from the hospital in as a baby; and Alex Young’s collection of Fords is a hobby he got from his dad and is passing down to his two daughters.

Managing Director Mark Wilkinson says: ‘I’m really appreciative that our customers have been willing to share some of their closest family memories and how their car ownership has played such an important role in those experiences. It’s fantastic that we’ve been able to bring these stories to life with the help of artist Ian Cook, and can share those memories with you through these stories. I hope you enjoy them and think fondly back to happy times you have spent with loved ones in yesterday’s classics.’

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Sian Nath Karmann Ghia ad
A beautiful history: Sian Nath’s VW Karmann Ghia

We’d like to thank the customers who took part in the Project:

  • Kevin Rowland
  • Simon Parkinson
  • Nick Stephens
  • Mr Gerrard
  • Richard Sharkey
  • Leigh Greenham
  • Enda McKenna
  • Sian and Rikki Nath
  • Jeremy Rickman
  • Thomas Montagu
  • Vincenzo Laciofano
  • Graham Cutts
  • Kerry Davies
  • Catherine White
  • Kevin Cannon
  • Alex Young

How did it work?

We interviewed each participant and from there, captured their story in a blog post, showing the various photos they sent us and getting to the heart of what their classic truly means to them. Ian Cook then invited each customer to join him on a series of live videos, where he drew their classic and even managed to have a chat with a few owners! You can view the full series by clicking the button below.

You can see more of the artwork and stories in the coming months in the pages of Classic Car Weekly, Classic & Sports Car, Land Rover Monthly, AirStyle Magazine and other classic car publications.