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    Automotive Restorers Guide launched


    A new book aimed at classic lovers restoring their own classic cars and motorcycles has been launched, offering a wealth of information to seasoned and new restoration enthusiasts alike.

    Heritage customer SW Barratt (Steven) has been involved in restoring cars in the past, but his complicated 6.3 Mercedes SEL with self-levelling air suspension was a large learning curve. It has, like many classic cars, required constant attention over the sixteen years that he’s owned it, and over that time Steven gathered experience in all aspects of restoration, from engine rebuilding, axle and differential rebuilding to wood repair and finishing.

    ‘I decided it would be good to share what I’d learned, and the specialist services I’d found along the way,’ said Steven. ‘Being able to trust the person or company you choose to deal with is essential, and so the idea for the Automotive Restorers Guide was born.’ Steven finally put pen to paper this year and produced the Guide, which lists service providers across all the various areas of restoration in a handy A-Z reference guide format. It all came together over the summer and is now on sale as both a print and eBook version.

    The Automotive Restorers Guide, now available

    The book is, in Steven’s own words, for enthusiasts working on ‘cars & motorcycles, veteran, vintage, classic & custom.’

    ‘It encompasses all the areas of restoration where sourcing parts, services or support can be tricky unless you already know the right people or have a lot of experience yourself,’ says Steven.

    Steven is no stranger to restoration, having worked on his own classic Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.3 for two years solid before setting up his company, Barratts Classic Car Hire. He regularly works on the Mercedes to ensure it’s in tip top condition, and has brought his experience and the many connections he’s made along the way together in this new book.

    The Automotive Restorers Guide is available in print and as an eBook. Click here to order your copy direct.

    You can also order an eBook/Kindle version or the paperback from Amazon.

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