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Classic Volkswagen Insurance

Classic Volkswagen Insurance

Volkswagen: the manufacturer that put the “cool” in air-cooled. The German car marque has produced some of classics cars most recognisable silhouettes. The love of Dubs extends wider than VW’s core fanbase as even none enthusiasts can identify a VW Bus or Beetle. Amongst their many accolades Volkswagen were also responsible for creating the quintessential hatchback with the Golf which has influenced many decades of car manufacturing since its debut.

The UK is a great place to own a classic Volkswagen as there is a number of fantastic VW shows and festivals which take place across the country and calendar. These are great places to celebrate everything VW from their design to the subculture they have created.

With 50 years of experience Heritages has watched Volkswagen evolve and adapt, as a result we are experts when comes to insuring your classic VWs.

Volkswagen Vital Stats

VW Camper

We know how important it is to understand recent market trends and buyer information on classic cars, which is why we have a vital statistics series, which covers the most important aspects, including the specifications and valuations of Golf’s, Beetle’s and Polo’s:

Volkswagen Polo MK II (1981 – 1994)
Volkswagen Beetle (1957 – 1967)
Volkswagen Golf GTI (1977-1984)

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Our specialist Multi Car Insurance allows you to cover all of the vehicles in your household under one policy, that includes your modern vehicles, daily drives, classic cars and specialist vehicles. Many of our customers prefer a multi car policy as it’s much less hassle, you’ll have one renewal date and one person who you speak to about all your insurance needs. You can find out more about our Multi Car Insurance by calling 0121 248 9474 or by requesting a call back.

Fact of the week

In 1992 VW released a limited number of special edition Polo’s, with special trim and a G40 engine and suspension. The “Genesis” G40 was made to special order only. A single right hand drive example found its way to the UK. This one-off model was a competition prize when the VW-sponsored Genesis tour reached its UK leg.

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