We offer a range of optional extras that give you extra cover, at great prices. From road rescue and a hire car to get you out of a breakdown fix, to key protect for if your key gets lost or stolen, these are the little things that make a big difference.

Just pick what works for you – we even package some of our most popular optional extras to offer you savings.

Heritage road rescue cover

Road Rescue

Our road rescue cover will rescue you and your vehicle if you breakdown or your vehicle can’t be driven. Heritage road rescue cover can cover any vehicle, modern or classic, under 3.5t and includes:

  • UK roadside repair and national recovery
  • Alternative transport and overnight accommodation if needed
  • Driver illness or injury cover if no-one else is able to drive the vehicle for you
  • EU breakdown and repatriation
  • Key assist in the event of lost keys or lock failure
  • Message assist to let loved ones know you are safe
Heritage legal cover

Heritage Motor Legal

Our motor legal policy will cover you for any legal costs involved in claiming compensation for injury, claims against uninsured drivers, and other forms of uninsured loss recovery, up to the value of £100,000.

You’ll also get:

  • EU coverage
  • Access to a 24/7 legal advice line
  • Drivers and passengers covered as standard
  • Lifetime guarantee on repairs to your vehicle
  • Free collection and delivery service

Cover is provided by ALPS, and claims are handled by their SRA regulated legal practice.

Key Protect insurance

Key Protect

If your key gets lost or stolen, Key Protect will cover you for:

  • the cost of calling out a locksmith
  • replacement keys/fobs
  • vehicle hire for up to three days
  • onward travel costs
  • overnight accommodation up to one night

This policy isn’t just for car keys – it will cover your house keys as well. A 24/7 helpline is available to get everything sorted out for you as quickly as possible. Get more details here.

Personal accident cover

Personal Accident Cover

Our Personal Accident Cover provides cover for up to £50,000 for bodily injury or death for you and your spouse, common law or civil partner. The policy covers you whilst either of you are driving your insured vehicle, or whilst you are a passenger in another vehicle.

Personal Accident also covers your passengers whilst you are driving the vehicle, provided they are over the age of 17. You can make unlimited claims up to £50,000 in total, and there is no excess to pay.

Replacement courtesy car

Replacement Courtesy Car

If you’re involved in a road traffic accident, we’ll arrange a courtesy car for you to get you back on the road.

Our replacement courtesy car policy also covers you in the event of fire, theft or attempted theft, or malicious damage to your vehicle,

Choose one of two cover levels:

  • 14 days’ guaranteed courtesy car
  • 28 days’ guaranteed courtesy car

All vehicles are fully serviced and less than three years old. Get peace of mind and get back on the road again.

Excess protect

Excess Protect

With Heritage Excess Protect, you won’t be left out of pocket after paying your motor insurance excess.

You can choose a cover limit of £500, £1000, or £2000. These limits are aggregate, meaning you can claim as many times as you need to during the policy period up to the maximum level of cover selected.

Our Excess Protect policy will also cover your excess in the event of a non-fault claim where the third party has failed to reimburse your excess.


We’ve packaged our most popular optional extras, as chosen by our customers, to save you time and money.

Prestige Classic add-on bundle
Heritage Prestige Classic

Save with our classic add-on cover package including:

  • Heritage Road Rescue
  • Heritage Personal Accident Cover
  • Heritage Legal
Heritage Prestige Multi add-ons bundle
Heritage Prestige Multi

Our add-on package as chosen by our Multi Car customers includes:

  • Heritage Legal
  • Heritage Replacement Courtesy Car: 28 days’ guaranteed
  • Heritage Excess Protect (£500 limit)


Heritage Home Emergency
Heritage Home Emergency

If you have an unexpected home emergency such as a burst pipe or boiler breakdown, you want things put right as quickly as possible. Heritage Home Emergency cover ensures help is always available when you need it most. Our policy covers:

  • heating system breakdown
  • plumbing and drainage problems
  • damage that affects your home’s security, including locks and windows
  • loss of power supply
  • lost keys
  • vermin infestation
  • if your only toilet is broken

We also offer an optional annual central boiler service with this policy.

Family Legal
Family Legal

Protect your family from legal expenses with Family Legal, covering you for legal costs up to a maximum of £75,000. Insured incidents under this policy are:

  • personal injury – £5,000 limit
  • employment disputes – £25,000 limit
  • criminal prosecution defence
  • tax protection
  • jury service
  • contract disputes
  • property protection
  • education (admission appeal) – £5,000 limit
  • probate

A free legal advice line is available. The policy also covers any family member that lives with the policyholder at their principal home.

Key Care for Home add-on
Key Care for Home

Key Care for Home protects you if your house key gets lost or stolen. The policy will cover you for the cost of calling out a locksmith, getting replacement keys and/or fobs, and overnight accommodation for up to one night.

The policy also covers your car keys, so if required you can get vehicle hire for up to three days, and any onward travel costs will be taken care of.

A 24/7 helpline is available to get everything sorted out for you as quickly as possible. The cover limit is £1500.

Heritage Landlords Emergency Cover
Landlords Emergency

This policy will cover you for the cost of an approved contractor to provide a temporary repair to damage that occurs suddenly and unexpectedly in your property. The insurer will:

  • advise you on what action to take to protect your property
  • send or arrange an appointment for an approved engineer to visit your property, and
  • organise and pay for required assistance, up to the claim limit (excluding excess).

Landlords Emergency covers one dwelling per policy.

Landlords legal & rent guarantee
Landlords Legal

If you’re a residential property landlord, our Landlords Legal insurance will cover you for the cost of legal fees in the event of a breach of tenancy agreement.

The policy will cover you up to a maximum of £50,000 in professional legal fees for a number of events including:

  • Legal pursuit – trying to get possession of your property or recover rent
  • Legal defence – if an incident arising from letting your property leads to you being prosecuted in a criminal court
  • Hotel expenses

Plus there’s no excess to pay at all. For full details of what’s covered, give us a call on 0121 248 9229.

Landlords legal & rent guarantee
Landlords Legal & Rent Guarantee

This combined Landlords Legal and Rent Guarantee insurance offers you all the benefits of our standard Landlords Legal cover with the added support of guaranteeing rent payments.

The policy will cover you up to a maximum of £50,000 in professional legal fees for a number of events including

  • Legal pursuit
  • Legal defence
  • Hotel expenses

In addition the policy will pay up to £2,500 per month for rent if you’re pursuing a claim.


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