What is an Insurance Broker?

Understand what an Insurance Broker is and whether they offer the right cover for you.

An insurance broker is an intermediary between the insurance company and you the client. We all have our views on the middle man in business today. But when it comes to the complicated world of insurance it’s important to have professional knowledge and experience to guide you through the process and help you to choose the right policy at a competitive price.

The insurance broker is there as an intermediary between the insurer and you the client. Part of the role is to obtain relevant information from the prospective customer and then asses the overall needs and requirements. This involves comparing a range of insurers for cost and benefits without bias, to give you the most suitable policy to meet your specific requirements. Other duties of the broker include explaining the terms and conditions of your policy at inception as well as disclosing any charges or fees included in the quotation.

Insurance is regulated by the FCA- Financial Conduct Authority.

Insurance is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) which is an independent body that regulates financial firms to ensure they provide appropriate service and products to the consumer. This means the broker has to adhere to a standard of conduct in order to maintain the integrity of the finance industry.

Of course it’s not all about selling you the right product. It is essential that you are given the necessary after care with a quality customer service once you have purchased a policy. The broker will continue to assist you should you make any changes to your policy or should you have any questions throughout the annual contract. They will also provide you with any relevant documentation required as part of your insurance policy.

It is a brokers’ duty to remain impartial and transparent at all times.

It is a brokers’ duty to remain impartial and transparent at all times to ensure the client is given the best service possible, which is why here at Heritage Classic Car Insurance we go above and beyond by appointing every client with their very own Personal Client Manager. This means just one point of contact for all your insurance requirements whether you’re simply asking for advice or you are looking to take advantage of our wide range of insurance products and services.

How Heritage Classic Car Insurance are committed.

Heritage Insurance Brokers are committed to offering the most competitive rates and meeting high customer service standards. We work with our insurers to bring down the cost of insurance as much as we can to benefit you as a customer. We understand that insurance is price sensitive however at a claim it is the service levels and willingness to support a customer that shines through. We have created a Partner Scheme to assist our customers throughout their classic car journeys. Offering discounts, new products and savings in the classic car and 4×4 industry we want to give you more benefits than just monetary. We want to help encapsulate you in your classic life.

If you would like to know more about Heritage Insurance Brokers or would like a motor insurance quotation simply call us on 0121 248 9229 or arrange a callback.

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