The Grand Tour | Review

The Grand Tour and the best car shows on TV

 You may have noticed there’s now a new television show about cars. You know, the one with those three chaps from Top Gear – and it’s getting a lot of praise. The Grand Tour.

Whilst it’s not exactly on TV as we know it, The Grand Tour is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video (ask the kids if you’re not sure) and so far it’s been great.

Is it just Top Gear by another name?

Sort of. Clarkson, Hammond and May are pretty much up to their usual tricks and sometimes the cars do take a back seat whilst they prat about. However, the first episode featured the ‘hypercar holy trinity’ of the McLaren P1, LaFerrari and Porsche 918. Fair to say it left us drooling.

Speaking of Top Gear…

The new-look show had a stuttering start with Chris Evans joining and then leaving after one series, but filming is apparently underway for series 24. For us, it’s still the best car show on television and we really enjoyed lots of the last series, even with Eddie Jordan!

Time will tell if Matt LeBlanc and the supporting presenters can get anywhere near the level of Clarkson, Hammond and May’s popularity, but the cars are still the stars and we still love it here at Heritage.

What else is there?

There are some fantastic motoring shows away from the big budget all action rivals we just mentioned, so here are our favourites:

Whealer Dealers – Discovery Channel

This British restoration show sees Mike Brewer and Edd China on a quest in the United States to bring iconic cars back to glory; a must see for any classic restorer enthusiast.

The Classic Car Show – Channel 5’s Spike

With Quentin Wilson and Jodie Kidd, the show’s first series finished last year, covering everything from collecting classics, restoring them and buying as investments. Worth a watch and keep an eye out for future series.

For the love of cars – Channel 4

Another great restoration show, this one sees car fanatic Philip Glenister and world renowned designer Ant Anstead on a mission to find wrecked treasures and bring them back to life. Unlike Whealer Dealers, this one is set in the UK, where they scour barns and lock ups for their next projects.

With winter on its way and most of these shows being repeated or available online, you can settle in with a nice cuppa and enjoy.

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