Security tips for your classic car

Security for your classic is vitally important for two reasons. Firstly, because it’s your pride and joy. You want to be doing everything possible to make sure nobody steals it!

Even if yours is a rust bucket you’ve been working on for years, you should take precautions. That’s because criminals range like our classics do, from high end thieves to your common scrap-value opportunistic burglars.

Laid Up insurance

Whilst we’re on the subject of rust buckets, if your classic is a long term project and SORN, then you may want to consider our Laid Up policy. This low-rate insurance offers you peace of mind with fire and theft cover.

Speaking of policies brings us nicely onto the other reason security is so important – your insurance.

How does security affect your policy?

At Heritage, our policies will differ depending on the car and your security measures, so it’s always worth calling us to discuss. As with all insurers, there are some cars we cannot insure if they are not stored in a secure garage at your home.

However, there are a number of things you can do to improve security.

Security tips

  • Use a garage or park on your drive
  • Install lighting outside your house, motion sensor is best
  • Never leave your car running or open with the keys inside
  • If you’re out and about then always try to park in clear view
  • Keep your keys somewhere hidden at home in case of a break in
  • Consider a steering, gearstick or handbrake lock
  • Fit an immobiliser
  • Fit a tracking device (see information about our Skytag GPS Trackers below)

The Heritage team knows the difference between security moderations and ‘boy racer’ mods, so we’ll make sure your policy isn’t negatively affected by adding new features.

Thatcham Approved

We recommend that you use Thatcham Approved products when it comes to security. Grade 1 products are the best and will give you additional peace of mind.

Skytag GPS Tracker

As a Heritage customer you also get a free Skytag GPS tracker unit worth £249.99. The Skytag GPS tracker is a proven, comprehensive stolen vehicle location service that can locate and track your vehicle anywhere in the world, within metres.

The monitoring system is the only system to provide direct police access to live, real time location data. This unique feature speeds up the recovery process and enables the police to monitor the vehicle from a distance, reducing the chance of a high speed chase and damage to your vehicle.

If you would like to discuss what features will help get you a better policy, call us on 0121 248 9229 today.