Scrappage Scheme cars still alive today

After more than 5 years of sitting on a disused air strip many scrappage scheme cars are still there today.

In 2009 the Government doomed many classic cars with the scrappage scheme cull, however, although nearly four hundred thousand cars were sent for recycling many thousands of these classics are still standing on disused air fields waiting to be scrapped.

You may remember the last scrappage scheme in 2009 when any car 10 years or older providing you have owned it for at least a year could be traded in at any franchised dealer for a new car and get £2000 of the price and your old car would be scrapped. Well it seems many of these cars are still waiting to bite the dust and plenty of them have increased exponentially in value over the period of time waiting to be scrapped.

With such cars as classic Minis, Triumphs, BMW’s, Fords to name but a few just sitting there waiting Jake Dormer has started a petition to get these vehicles sold either as road going classics or at least as parts to be used to keep classic cars alive today and for the future Jake says, “Many of these cars are a huge part of British motoring history. Cars such as Minis, Triumphs, Rovers and Jaguars, amongst many others are iconic and shouldn’t be scrapped. If we get enough support we will be able to make a difference. Let’s save those classics!”

If the petition doesn’t work the hope is that this may stop it happening again as the Government may want to take classic cars out of the next scrappage scheme, but with nearly 32,000 signatures you would think that by the end of the petition there would be enough to make a difference.

Having said this there are some main dealers that have introduced the scrappage scheme for 2016 already. Representatives of both Ford and Vauxhall have advertised this as well as others so let’s hope that classic cars are kept well away from these dealers.

Some of the cars that have been seen waiting to be crushed are Porsche 924’s and Porsche 944’s, Triumph TR7’s and Heralds, BMW 2002’s and Peugeot 205 GTI’s as well as a rare Toyota all rising in value.

Let’s all help save these classic cars and give them another chance to represent the cars of yesterday today after all were all classic car enthusiasts.

Help by signing the petition on

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