Open Top Drive – A poem by one of our customers

A poem from one of our customers.

We are proud to be sharing a poem that was kindly written by one of our multi-car insurance customers here at Heritage Classic Car Insurance. Mr. Corbett is one of our long-standing customers and is a keen writer although he certainly doesn’t consider himself one. He enjoys his classic cars and he loves nothing more than to write about his experiences in them. We wanted to share one of his poems with you.

I was out today driving my open top sports car.
Feeling fresh and free in this magic, desirable motor car.
Cruising the winding country lanes beneath the tall green trees.
Early morning sun shining down,
Creating dark shadow, mixing with the cool breeze.
Gripped to the undulating tarmac,
Remembering this is not exactly a race track.
Driving through damp patches where the sun had not seen.
An occasional glance in the mirror to see where I had just been.
Always leaving behind a beautiful memorable scene.

The roads are quiet, the birds singing, time is moving fast.
The soft purr of the exhaust changing to a roar, every time I step on the gas.
What a lovely day to come out to play.
I could do this every day.
A feel-good factor of powerful energy generating from my car.
Most exhilarating, the best feeling ever by far.
Gives life absorbing natural sounds and smells for a brain in need.
Even more so at a gentle speed.
To savour the atmosphere that presents itself here.
Its a wonderful feeling, it just makes me glad to be here!

Alan F. Corbett

Our thank you to Alan.



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