Oldest Jaguar dealer closes doors for the last time

After 90 years of trading and two Royal appointments, R.A. Creamer finally closes

R A Creamer is a Jaguar classic car dealer that has been based in London for 90 years now. This makes it the oldest Jaguar dealer of all time. This special little dealership has had two Royal appointments; one from the Queen and one from the Prince of Wales to service their Jaguars. Sadly these have been handed back now as R A Creamer closes its doors forever.

Why is R A Creamer closing?

Dealer principle Michael Quinn, grandson of Jaguar founder Sir William Lyons had told the press of his intentions one year ago this month. With every dealership having to meet modern Jaguar standards, this quaint ten mews complex will struggle to conform. The new requirements are too much after 90 years of dealing with sales and servicing of Jaguar cars.

Dealers will have to invest in the business in order to make improvements. R A Creamer soon realized they would struggle to meet such requirements. Parking and wheelchair access are already issues for the building.

Michael Quinn, interviewed by the Telegraph said, “These new points would have added complications to our business. The decision was taken not to embark on an expansion which might risk our ability to care for our employees. And frankly, our customers told us they did not want it. They liked the fact that we were unique, customer-focused, almost ‘old-fashioned’ firm.”

R A Creamer over the last three years has stopped selling new Jaguars. They now concentrate on their existing customer base and after sales service. They intend to sell the premises as residential properties with each flat and garage expected to fetch upwards of £2 million today.

Syd Creamer who is the son of founder Roland Albert Creamer became a member of the Royal Victorian Order. This was for services to the Royal Household supplying Jaguar cars to The Queen and Prince Charles.  These days the Royal automotive stable has fewer Jaguars and Daimlers althoughThe Queen still has a Jaguar XJ X350, looked after by A R Creamer, but for how much longer we don’t know.

Last year Michael Quinn received a letter from the Royal Household thanking A R Creamer for their continued service. This was following a meeting with Buckingham Palace representatives. Michael Quinn commented, “It’s sad to hand back the Royal Warrants but we are proud to have had that association and it is something that will never be taken away from us.”

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