MudRut Pyrenees Overland Adventure

12 days, a 110 and two Land Rover Enthusiasts join the MudRut Pyrenees Overland Adventure

MudRut offered the Heritage duo, Leena Marsh and Natalie Coughlan the chance to join them for the MudRut Pyrenees Overland Adventure. Find out how they got on, and whether they made it back in one piece!

What could be better, 12 days of overlanding across the Pyrenees with MudRut? ‘I don’t think I’ll experience anything like this again’ says Leena, Marketing Manager at Heritage Car Insurance. ‘I’ve always been into Land Rovers and love nothing more than a weekend greenlaning in the 110. But, the chance to experience so many different off road terrains was just amazing. Plus I’m pretty impressed that Helga (the Heritage 110) made it there and back in one piece!’

Overlanding in 30 year old 110

Helga, the Heritage 110 is a bit of a ‘battleaxe’ so the girls were a little worried about whether she’d survive 12 days of overlanding. With help and support from MudRut and our trusty mechanic, the G-reg 110 showed us what she was made of and made easy work of the trip. There was one slight issue with the wipers falling off on the French motorway in torrential rain, but you can watch this video to find out more about that. So for those of you who have an older Land Rover would be worried about taking it overlanding, speak to the team at MudRut. They’ll be able to offer you the advice you need, and have trips that cater to different levels of off roading experience as well as the kind of equipment you’d need.

That’s the real benefit of going in a convoy. Not only are you able to follow someone who knows the area, the terrain and the locals. You’re also getting to make use of years of experience. ‘You could do this trip on your own, but I just don’t see why you’d want to.’ Leena Marsh tells us, ‘there were times when you’d be going through a particularly tough bit of track and just knowing that you have that support and guidance, was a real confidence booster.You also get to meet like minded people, and the group atmosphere is really fun and friendly!’

‘From one day to the next the scenery was awe inspiring’

The MudRut Pyrenees Overland Adventure is designed to be a condensed 12 day trip. You would think that means missing out on some of the scenery and tracks you’d experience on the usual three day trip. That’s where the guides truly come into their own. Their knowledge and experience of the area and the mountain tracks means that you get to see the highlights and don’t miss any of the action. ‘Everyday there would be moments where you’re truly amazed by what you’re seeing. Untouched landscapes which were so different from one day to the next. You’d start the week off in snowy mountains, and a few days later your in the baking heat.’

‘I think that’s what you’d miss out on if you were on your own rather than with a guide.’ Natalie tells us, ‘because you’ll never know the routes as well as the guides, so the time to spend getting lost or by going a slightly different route you’d miss out on some truly amazing sights.’

Join the adventure

If you’re interested in finding out more about the MudRut Pyrenees Overland Adventure, take a look at the videos from the trip ‘We wanted to give people a real taste of what overlanding was like; and hopefully inspire you to hit the road in your Land Rover and get a taste for adventure.’ Below is the first video from the trip, you can watch the rest on Facebook or YouTube.

Visit the MudRut website to join them on their next adventure.

MudRut Pyrenees Overland Adventure

MudRut Pyrenees Overland Adventure

MudRut Pyrenees Overland Adventure

Setting off - Overlanding with MudRut

We're on route to the Pyrenees with Mudrut !! Woop woop! Follow Leena Marsh to get live updates from the trip 🙂

Posted by Heritage Classic 4x4 Insurance on Wednesday, September 14, 2016