Making the most of a day out in your classic car

We all know that when it comes to classic car enjoyment, there’s nothing better than a lovely long drive out in our precious historic vehicles.

However, there are a few things we can take into account and plan for in order to make the most of our excursions.

From forecasting the weather, to plotting a destination and planning the things we can do along the way, here’s the Heritage guide to ensuring maximum enjoyment and minimum disappointment.

Driving Weather

First and foremost we don’t want rain, we know that much for certain! We want sun and beautiful blue skies, with temperatures just right as not all our classics will have air con or remain comfortable with the windows open.


The journey is the best bit of course, but having nice people and places to go and see will add even more enjoyment to the drive out, whether it’s a summer’s day picnic or catching up with an old friend (and showing your motor off of course).


That summer’s day picnic may not be as much fun if there’s no one there to meet you, so you may like to share your classic car day out with a friend or loved one.

However, classic car joy can be a personal experience as much as a social one, so you may be more inclined to keep it to you, the car and the open road – and we wouldn’t blame you one bit!


How you get to where you’re going is just as important as all of the above combined.

Classic car experiences should never be hampered by traffic jams, dodgy roads, boring routes or excessive stops, so planning a route and checking local traffic reports can be a great way to make the most of your journey.

We recommend stunning views, relaxing speeds and minimum traffic, and as few potholes as possible.

It must be said though, that with all of the above in mind, we also strongly recommend that at times, you go for the complete opposite…no plans, no preparation, just jump in, feel the wind through your hair and drive!

Whichever you choose, there is one more element of making the most of your day out – enhancing it with good music.

Now whilst we’d never knock anyone who prefers a soundtrack consisting of the throttle and the birds in the trees, a ride out with your favourite singers and bands (especially if you’re alone and can sing along at the top of your voice) will really have you feeling free and smiling all the way home.