The joy of classic car club membership

Many of our classic car insurance policy holders are already members of car clubs, talking online and gathering at events across the country and beyond to share their love for classic cars and appreciate each other’s motors.

Car clubs offer a fountain of knowledge, with tips and advice on maintenance, repairs and sourcing car parts. For those of you that aren’t part of a club and have never been inclined to join one, you’re really missing out. We’re social creatures at heart, and there’s nothing better than making new friends and enjoying each other’s company whilst getting to see, drive and discuss a variety of beautiful, lovingly cared for restored classic cars.

From days out, whole weekends away and life-affirming road trips, the joys of classic car club membership are endless. Plus, if you’re a club member you could be entitled to up 15% off your insurance. Some of these clubs include the Triumph Sports Six Club and the Ford RS Owners Club. For a full listing click here.

With so many clubs out there it’s hard to list some without leaving out a number of other amazing groups, so here’s a link to all current clubs listed on the DVLA.

The list includes general classic enthusiast groups, as well as ‘same car’ clubs, from Mercedes to Mini and VW to MG.

Classic car events take place up and down the country, mainly in summer, but all year round as well, with lots of other activities for adults and families alike. There really is something for everyone amongst the fantastic classic car scene (take a look at our related article) and club membership is the best way to start your classic adventures.


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