Is originality really key?

The purists among you will be shouting a resounding yes to this ultimate question, but we take a look at both sides to the story.

Heritage Classic Car Insurance has been in the industry for over 50 years now and has seen values of classic cars rise and rise again. But are all these classics really original? Now this depends on what type of owner you are. As soon as you change a bulb or a spark plug is your classic car no longer original? After all as they say a car can surely only be original once. Or is it original unless you modify it, whether you change the wheels or fit a different engine.

This is all subjective and again depends on the owner. Some enthusiasts simply want the best driving experience from their classic car so while originality is important if changing something will allow it to drive better then they may change it. While some owners won’t drive their classic car and prefer to just take it out the garage to polish it and then put it back again as a financial investment, preferring not to enjoy the pleasure of driving it and think of keeping it as original as possible.

Well we all think of our classic cars as investments but also as something to enjoy with driving pleasure and nostalgia also playing a big part when it comes to the choice of car you own. I personally think if you want to change the stereo or lower the suspension then do it and don’t be influenced by others or if you want to keep it looking more authentic then do that, the beauty of owning a classic car is it’s up to you what you decide to do and no one else!

Then of course there is the safety issue of originality. Some of these cars were built before safety existed in the eyes of car manufacturers. Take Jaguar E-Types for example. All that performance but no chance of stopping isn’t my idea of fun. Surly a modern brake upgrade is a good idea but how will this reflect on its potential value.

If you are looking to restore a car the best thing you can do is make sure it’s a car you have a keen interest in as this will keep you motivated to complete the task and not lose the will to continue. A true enthusiast is a breed of its own with driving passion at the heart of any classic car purchase so remember this when you are choosing your next classic car. There is no real protocol to owning a classic just your own choices on how to best enjoy it so ignore the rest and do what’s best for you but most of all have fun!


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