Fiat Motor Company – 100 years of Italian design and innovation

Heritage take a closer look at one of Italy’s best know manufacturers – Fiat…

Founded by Giovanni Agnelli way back in 1899, the Fiat Company or The Charter of Societa Anonima Italiana Automobili Torino grew rapidly, and it wasn’t long before the Fiat Automobile Company had opened in the U.S in 1908.

Some forty years of successful car production later saw the introduction of the first evolution of the Fiat 500. Less than 10 years on came the Fiat Nuova (new) 500, which has now become a classic Italian icon, recognised across the world.

This diminutive Italian beauty, originally came with some striking features such as a full fabric folding roof and suicide doors; very stylish, very Italian. Fiat also introduced a Fiat 500 Sport, which is now incredibly rare. The Sport has a distinctive thick red stripe on each side, and the engine was bored out from 479cc to 499.5cc, giving it remarkably good performance for such a tiny car.

Fiat used its Italian prowess to design some stunning coupes and roadster over the years, including the pretty 850 Spider or indeed the “Ferrari-esque” Fiat Dino, both limited in numbers here in the UK. In the seventies they introduced the X-19, a compact mid engine two seater which lacked in power compared to its British counterparts, but oozed contemporary Italian Style for the price.

Fiat also continued to re design the city car in many guises, and did it exceedingly well with models such as the 126 and 127, followed by the Panda and the Uno, with its Turbo ie version pleasing crowds in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

The Fiat Company have reigned for over 100 years now, improving its success in the late 60’s by taking the majority stake in Ferrari, and becoming owners of Lancia. Later in 1986 Alfa Romeo also became part of the Fiat Company.

With early classic Fiats declining in numbers and prices starting to increase, now’s the time to consider an investment perhaps. Why not give us a call here at Heritage Classic Car Insurance on 0121 248 9229 where one of our Personal Client Managers will be happy to assist you with your insurance requirements.


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