Famous Stars and their classic cars

Is there such a thing as the stereotypical classic car enthusiast? We’re all probably thinking “anorak”. Well this may surprise you!

Most classic car owners are just like you and me; however the famous ones can afford more cars. Here at Heritage Insurance we present a few famous stars and their classic cars.

Rod Stewart – famous stars and their classic cars

The man, the legend, this British rock singer songwriter is one of the best selling music artists of all time with over 100 million records sold worldwide. Rod certainly qualifies for our famous stars and their classic cars and his taste in motors is as flamboyant as his illustrious career. With a taste for the exotic. (and I don’t mean his women) Italian supercars are definitely one of his weakness’s having owned such stunning examples including Lamborghini’s Diablo VT which is only one of just twenty right hand drive models ever made, a classic Ferrari F40 that was number 60 of just 213 US specification models produced. The current value of this super car is estimated at over one million dollars thanks to Rod’s ownership.

One of Rod Stewart’s prized possessions must have been his Lamborghini Miura 400S. Bought and delivered brand new in 1971 and since then revised up to SV specification with a value of 1.25 million. It must be nice to be Rod.

Chris Evans – famous stars and their classic cars
All new Top Gear main man and radio presenter Chris Evans is renowned for his love of cars which is clearly evident with a variable feast of motoring memorabilia sitting in his monumental garage. As one of our famous stars and their classic cars Chris’s incredible collection includes many multi-million pound purchases ranking among the rarest cars in the world today. We all know he has a penchant for all things red and Italian with such magnificent examples such as the £2.27 million 1971 Ferrari 365 GTS/4 Daytona Spyder which was believed to be a world record price (this one was actually black). Another icon owned by the TFI guy is a Ferrari 250 GTO with a staggering value of £12 million purchased in 2010. GTB’s and GTS’s are all there in Chris’s line up of exotic thoroughbreds. however he does like to show he still has the common touch so to speak with the purchase of a Volkswagen Beetle that he saw for sale on the way home from work one day. The sky blue 1972 impulse buy belonged to Chris within 10 minutes of getting home and making a quick phone call to the vendor. We could go on forever with Chris’s list of wondrous automobiles with Bentley, Jaguar, Mercedes and Daimler all playing a part in his extensive collection.

Jay Kay – famous stars and their classic cars
Jason Luis Cheetham A.K.A Jay Kay is famous for smooth acid jazz grooves with the band Jamiroquai. Although he seems equally well known for his love of cars from the exotic to the just damm cool! Jay’s taste in cars matches the size of his wallet with over 50 cars in his collection at any one time ranging from exotic super cars to European cult favorites, the list is endless. making him one of our famous stars and their classic cars.

Jay Kay continues to vary his accumulation of fine cars, swapping and changing many admirable examples. Although he does however have a permanent collection that he likes to hold on to including his Ferrari Enzo launched in 2002 at a price of £450,000, these days you simply can’t find these for sale anywhere! Other ‘keepers’ in the collection are an exquisite Mercedes Benz 300SL Roadster, potentially one of the last ever built with less than 2,000 miles on the clock and of course his famous Ferrari F40 one of the most iconic cars from the 1980’s.

Rowan Atkinson – famous stars and their classic cars
This famous funny man is definitely one of our famous stars and their classic cars as he takes his motoring very seriously. Not only is the multi millionaire actor and comedian an avid car collector he also shows his skill behind the wheel as a racing driver on track. Rowan doesn’t subscribe to the usual car collectors idea of what he calls the ‘toy cupboard syndrome’ cars are meant to be driven not stored away like investment art.

Evidence of this was the infamous collision whilst driving his £640,000 McLaren F1. Rowan apparently span off the road in August 2011 hitting a tree and fracturing his shoulder blade in the process. The repair bill for his F1 supercar came to £910,000. Rowan also has a fancy for Aston Martins with many examples of this quintessentially British prestige manufacturer on display at his Northamptonshire home. He even owns the famous DB7 used in Johnny English. Other cool cars owned by Rowan are a Bentley Mulsanne, Lancia Delta Intergrale, Lotus Carlton producing over 377 bhp and a black taxi Mercedes 500E with over 320 bhp showing Mr Atkinson has always retained his sense of humour.

Jeremy Clarkson – famous stars and their classic cars
Unsurprisingly one of our famous stars and their classic cars is the ex Top Gear presenter with an impressive car collection. Fortunately his untimely dismal from the BBC car enthusiasts show has not diminished his love of motoring. Jeremy’s £2.5 million country estate in Chipping Norton has plenty of room for him to keep his many cars. Like most collectors of fine machinery Jeremy has been through a variety of cars both old and new. You may remember Jeremy’s admiration for the Ford GT and thanks to ‘industry contacts’ managed to secure one of the few imported models into the UK which eventually lead to Clarkson returning the car back to Ford for a refund due to electrical problems.

The list of cars owned by Jeremy is of course endless. Including such delights as the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, capable of nearly 200 mph as well as a number of Jaguars over the years one of which being the XJR with its supercharged 4.0 litre V8 engine. Amongst the classic cars owned by Jeremy is a 90’s icon, his Ford Escort Cosworth by all accounts is the only car he has ever named. It was Gary in case you’re wondering.

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