Classic Car World Records

We all love attending classic car shows (see our previous article for more This Summer’s Best Classic Car Shows 2016), but imagine seeing more than 1,600 classics driving along together, in a line!

1,674 classic motors cruise by

Well that’s what happened in Mexico in 2014, when the Guinness World Record was broken in front of 250,000 spectators, who witnessed a total of 1,674 classic motors cruise by, including the Mercury Grand Marquis and Porsche Boxter and rarer specimens such as Ford Fairlanes and VW Karmann Ghias. The record smashed the previous total of 948 classics set in 2002 in the Netherlands.

Largest parade of Jaguar cars

Other classic car world records include the largest parade of Jaguar cars, organised by Silverstone Classic, whose festival this year is on 29-31 July. The parade of E-Types was held in celebration of the car’s 50th anniversary and the total turn out to break the record was 767.

How many people can cram into a mini?

Then there’s the classic mini, a record breaker in itself after 27 people managed to cram into one in Brighton in 2014.

the most expensive car in the world

Finally, the world record for the most expensive car is currently £32m, paid for a red 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO Racer by a private buyer. We wonder if it was Saeed Adbul Ghaffar Khouri from Abu Dhabi, who holds the record for the most expensive number plate that simply reads ‘1’. He paid £7.2m for it in 2008.

Here at Heritage Classic Car Insurance, we like to think we’re record breakers for the amount of customers who take out policies on their classics with us. Maybe we’ll call Guinness to apply!

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