Classic car TV presenters

If you present a TV show dedicated to classic cars you must have a passion for them. Let’s find out who does?

Mike Brewer

The man with the gift of the gab, Mike Brewer has been around motors all his life with his dad heavily into modifying cars it wasn’t long before he was in the motor trade himself. With a keen eye for a bargain and the ability to sell ice to the Eskimos Mike soon built up his reputation as a fast paced wheeler dealer in the industry. His success in this role led him into a TV presenting roles in many car based programs such as Channel 4’s Driven as well as Auto Trader, Pulling Power and Deals on Wheels to name but a few. Most memorably Wheeler Dealers, Discovery channels flag ship show together with his buddy Edd China sees Mike doing what he’s best at while Edd restores the cars so Mike can sell them on with a profit (no labour included of course) thanks to Edd.

With a global audience of over 200 million ‘Wheeler Dealers’ is a success story and is still going strong even though Edd China decided to leave the show Ant Anstead has taken over alongside Mike Brewer to continue the success.

Mike Brewer has won many awards including the Royal Television Society’s best in vision personality and Broadcast Journalist of the year award two years running, not bad for a used car dealer from South London “hold yah hand out”.

Edd China

Edward John China had an interest in classic cars from an early age and now holds a degree in engineering product design from London South Bank University. Edd is not only an expert motor specialist he is also Managing Director for two companies. Grease Junkie sells merchandise for Wheeler Dealers and Cummfy Banana ltd is an outlet for Edd’s automotive creations.

Edd China has been in television for many years starting as a special affects technician in 1994. He has appeared in many motoring TV shows including Top Gear, Pulling Power and Fifth Gear as well as hosting Wheeler Dealers alongside Mike Brewer.

Edd has recently left Wheeler Dealers due to disagreements regarding the format changes with the show. The Workshop scenes were always very time consuming and according to the show’s producer an effort to produce for TV but as these were the best bits of the show Edd was not comfortable with these proposed changes. There’s no doubt we will see Edd China on our TV soon as well as his guest appearances at many Classic car events in the future so good luck with whatever he decides to do.

Quentin Willson

Quentin founded a car dealership selling Ferrari and Maserati in the early 1990’s. But nowadays is famous for hosting many TV shows dedicated to classic cars. He joined the BBC in 1991 as the host together with Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear and has also hosted many other motor based TV shows since then including Fifth Gear and the Classic Car show. Willson a twin is the son of Bernard Willson who was the first code breaker at Bletchley Park decoding the Italian Navy Hagelin C-36 code machine.

Quentin is not only a mind of knowledge when it comes to classic cars he is also a tireless campaigner for the motoring public and writes for numerous national publications including the Sunday Mirror and Classic Car Magazine and has written several books about cars and is a regular face on the after dinner speaking circuit as well as being a consultant to many companies and organisations.

It seems Quentin Willson is indeed the last word on classic cars with many years experience behind him. Would you buy a car from him? I would.

Fuzz Townshend  

John Richard Keith Townsend was nick named Fuzz back in junior school at the age of just seven. This tag has stuck with him for all these years and is the name most people know him by. Fuzz’s first love has always been music at the age of just ten his mother bought him a drum kit and by twelve he made his stage debut; by the end of the seventies had graduated in to playing in clubs and college bands. He has had hits with famous bands such as Pop will eat itself, The Beat, The Wonderstuff and Pama International to name but a phew.

With classic cars always in the frame Fuzz’s first job in journalism was for Practical Classics and became technical editor, he then decided to go freelance as well as starting up a classic car restoration business called Westgate classic.

Since then Fuzz has launched a specialist network garage scheme called ‘classic friendly’. This scheme has appointed garages nationally to service and independently inspect cars pre- 1960 for their modern road capabilities which in itself is a great step in helping classic car owners keep their cars on the road.

Jodie Kidd

This former British Super Model is well known around the car scene and has participated in many car racing events such as the Gumball 3000. The 6 foot blonde bombshell has fast become a well known TV personality starring in Strictly Come Dancing and Celebrity Masterchef as well as hosting channel 5’s Classic Car Show with Quentin Willson. She was also widely tipped to host the new Top Gear alongside Chris Evans at the time but decided to decline as she wanted to step out of the limelight.

Jodie’s early modelling career saw her continually criticized as being ‘too thin’ for the cat walk as this could encourage young girls to mimic this look. After an 8 month break from modelling she quickly gained weight at was soon a healthy size 14 dress size.

Kidd’s other passion is horse riding and as a child used to compete in horse trials although it would appear now classic cars is her new passion.

And so from models to musicians it seems the crowd to get down with is the classic car crowd. So let’s see those classics.

You can read more about Jodie Kidd’s classic car collection from this link