Classic Car Road Trip Through Italy: Authentic Good Food

If you’re looking for a spectacular adventure across Italy, embracing the culture, the architecture and the fabulous dishes, then this classic car road trip through Italy is the one for you.

To begin your classic car road trip through Italy make your way through France, pass Lyon, and head to the start of this hearty Italian adventure, Turin. This is going to be a very long drive. If you completed it all in one day with a few short stops you could make it an about 16 hours. We strongly recommend you take a look at some of the sites such as Reims and Lyon along the way, resting overnight at each city.

From Lyon to Turin, a three and a half hour drive (200 miles), you’ll find the home of classic car brand Fiat manufacturing. With the brilliant Fiat 500 that still remains popular today you’ll certainly find no shortage of these driving about. Chocolate is another matter of pride too so do indulge yourself. If you enjoy 18th century architecture, head for the castle, botanic garden and villages. You can also explore the nearby mountains and valleys depending on how long you wish to stay.

Piedmont, capital of the Slow Food movement, is just out on the edge of Turin. Renowned for Barolo wine and white truffles of Alba, you must make a trip out there even if it’s just for a few hours. However, if you’re really after something authentic and truly inspiring food, you ought to head to Alta Langa. Here everything is organic, and thanks to a scheme called BeLocal you could be eating with local villagers, enjoying the life they do and the real food they enjoy. For more information click here.

After a night’s rest and recovery time from the overindulgence in sweets, you’ll no doubt be after something a bit more savoury. Give yourself two and a half hours (150miles) to reach the Province of Parma for the best selection of cheeses, hams and wines in the region. You will need to find somewhere to park your classic car as the city streets are virtually free of cars. It’s worth it though; the prosciutto and aged parmigiano reggiano alone will have on you on your feet. You might like to know that Lamborghinis came from here, another link to the classic car history.

For something extra special on your classic car road trip through Italy you might want to try out a small rustic farm on the outskirts of Parma called Agriturismo Funghi e Fate. It was selected by the Guardian’s top ten places to stay in Italy for foodies and wine lovers.

If you enjoyed the wine you’ll have rested well and prepared yourself for the two hours (116 miles) trip to Florence. This small city has so much to offer it is magnetic. You can return many a time and find you still won’t have captured it all. Enjoy its famous art and narrow streets, but most of all, for those of you who share a passion for food, you won’t be let down. The tag ‘Fiorentina’ has become internationally renowned as a label of superb quality.

After the busy streets of Florence you might be craving a rustic meal. If so head to Podere Il Casale in Peinza for a real cheese experience. From cooking classes, to baking bread, making your own pizza to cheese making demonstrations, you’ll find a day just isn’t enough to fully enjoy yourself here.

Next stop on your classic car road trip through Italy you must visit Rome. For those of you who have been before you may realise that the city centre offers commercial touristy restaurants. But by sticking to the outskirts of Rome, you’re guaranteed an authentic good food experience. The architecture is always worth visiting Rome for and do invest in a tour guide as they make the beauty even more relevant. We’d recommend you visit Monte dei Cocci in Rome, and look for Flavio al Velavevodetto, which serves seasonal Roman classics.

After you’ve absorbed the attractions within Rome the next cruise in your classic car is to Naples. This will be around a two and half hour drive (140miles) so ensure you have an early start to take full advantage of what’s to come. Naples is Italy’s third-largest city and one of its oldest and most delicious. With a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you will truly enjoy the splendid treasures Naples has to offer. A volcanic location, the soil is truly rich so naturally the food here is intense with flavour and richness. Centuries of culinary skills brought to you in one location; trial the pizza, pasta, the seafood and the street food. No matter where in this city you find yourself, your belly will love you for it.

Reason to try this classic car road trip: Authentic good food from the heart of Italy, do you need any other reason?

How long will you need to fully embrace the trip: 7-14 days

Anything important you should know: You may want to bring a few larger pairs of trousers with you for this trip. You won’t be able to resist the food and no doubt will have gained a few pounds upon your return to the UK in your classic car.

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