Why is Classic Car Insurance so important to Heritage?

Why is Classic Car Insurance so important to us?

Chris Wilkinson created the company in 1965 with a keen interest in classic cars. He was working for an insurance company at the time but could see that the service they provided wasn’t to his high standard. It was for this reason that Chris decided to go it alone and create Heritage Classic Car Insurance. He started from the ground up and after fifty years of dedication we are here today. But how and why did Mark Wilkinson, the Managing Partner, get involved?

Mark Wilkinson has been around car insurance all his life thanks to his father. He can recall his father’s stories in the evening after a long day at work. Although Mark never intended to have a career following Chris’s footsteps, his travelling days have given him a world of wisdom which has been perfectly suited to his role with Heritage Car Insurance. Ten years with the business now and Mark is also a classic car fanatic and recently got himself into the off-roading scene with his Land Rover 110. He’s had to learn the difficulties of 4×4 control, and understand what makes a Land Rover tick. He’s also found himself lifting the bonnet off the Land Rover 110 a few times to check the oil levels and assess for any loose wiring that typically happens with old age. Helga, as she has now been called, has proven to be a reliable old runner with an IPO winch that still works even after years of neglect. But enough about the Land Rover, make sure you say hi to Mark Wilkinson at the shows this season.