car clubs during coronavirus


Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, with many events cancelled and car clubs no longer able to interact in the ways that they previously could, it has been a very odd time for us all. However, many car clubs have used this time to really pull together and create a sense of community within their club, with imaginations running wild to find new ways to stay in touch.

We’ve reached out to a number of clubs to find out how they’ve continued to function during the COVID-19 pandemic and throughout lockdown – how they’ve managed to keep momentum going and how they’ve changed the way they work through this trying time.

The Volkswagen Type 2 Owners Club developed a series of Photo Events throughout lockdown, using the strapline “Together while apart”. Lorna, Club Events Manager stated that they “wanted to develop something that was inclusive” due to their wide range of member lifestyles, and not all members using Facebook or Instagram. At least 15% of the club members took part in the event which was held via email and was a real lift for the club. Lorna states that “it created a fabulous sense of community, and just hit the right note”.

If you’d like to see some more of the action, take a look here.

Liz Ovenden, Membership Secretary at The Beauford Club tells us a lot of members have unfortunately suffered a loss of income during this troubled time due to their livelihood particularly deriving from weddings. Thankfully, most bookings have been rescheduled for 2021, which is great news! 

Liz revealed that “members who have their cars for pleasure purposes have been using the time to do those little jobs which have been mounting up, as sometimes it’s a bit cold in winter to go out and do these jobs”. A lot of the cars, including Liz’s, have been put on a SORN, and will stay that way until next year. 

The Beauford Club has continued to send out quarterly magazines. Liz says it’s a real shame that so far, the majority of classic car events are cancelled for this year. “We do miss attending them and chatting to other members and admiring the cars, but I am hopeful that next year things will be better and if not back to the old normal will at least be the new one.”

How has your club coped throughout the coronavirus? Have you found any ways to keep the community spirit going through the pandemic? Let us know below!